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Hello Steemians, 22 days ago we released the HF21 Testnet and we’re happy to see that a number of great Steemians like @gtg and @timcliff have been performing tests. We would like to tag a final release in the near future and give exchanges as much time as possible before the Hardfork date to prepare. But before we do that we need to be absolutely certain that the code has been sufficiently tested.

Test, Test, Test

That’s why we want to put a call out to all Steem developers capable of testing HF21 to do one last testing push so that we can be confident that there will be no issues with the Hardfork. But we also have one more favor to ask: document your testing on Steem.

Document Testing

While testing alone is great, we (all stakeholders who have a vested interest in ensuring that HF21 goes smoothly) can’t be certain that the testing is sufficient if we don’t know the details of what an engineer tested, and how they ran their tests.

That’s why we would like to ask those developers running tests on HF21 to post to Steem about their process for testing the blockchain and share a link to that post in the comments section below. Not only will this help us determine whether the level and type of testing is sufficient, but it will also help developers learn from one another, and help the Steem developer community improve our testing methods over time, so that effective testing becomes easier and easier with every Hardfork.

Thank you, and Test On.

The Steemit Team

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Want to put out something that should work towards getting anyone interested to test various functionality:

Testnet condenser with keychain!

Thank you for testing, I will try again if a bit, could not get it to work last night before bed, so will try again in a couple of hours.

please post test reports and tech details as requested in the article :-)
As you might understand when thinking about it, testing is important and a smooth HF21 will help all of us.

Spare the rest of the world that complain-crap here. Vent at another place. :-(

  ·  last month (edited)

I'm so disappointed with Steemit Inc. I think you have missed a unique opportunity in the last two years. With ZERO marketing, poor execution and lacking the confidence of any investor. And now, are you still removing rewards from content creators? Unveliebeble! I don't understand how you don't take some earnings from the witnesses, in HF21. And if they have any problem with losing profits, there are 100 candidates available to replace them. On the other hand, it is enough to influence the position of witnesses with accounts related to Steem, such as pumpking or whatever it is called. You don't listen to the voice of the community and you only ask to witnesses, who obviously accept this proposal, because it means more gain for them. Or maybe, you're going to tell me that with $2600 a month, is not enough? Plus all they earn with the SP generated? COME ON! Do you think we are stupid?

I loved this platform, I was a content creator. I published 2 to 3 times per day when the Steem was $0.09. But now, I consider myself completely out of Steem, because the only thing that witnesses and Steemit Inc do, is go against what the community wants. YOU ARE LOSING THE CONTENT CREATORS, WHICH ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT VALUE THAT THIS PLATFORM HAS/ OR HAD. And I can say this because I'm not interested in anyone's vote, nor do I care if they put a flag on me. The content creator that keeps publishing, is not going to say this, because they would lose votes. And do you know where the destruction of Steem is clearly seen? In the market capitalization. From position 15 or even higher, to 79. SEVENTY-NINE! WTF ARE YOU DOING??? And it will keep going down, unfortunately, because it seems that those who have power on the platform, are taking out the little juice that is left to Steem. Possibly the price may rise, due to a natural dependency with btc, but the market capitalization ranking, which is the one that matters, will not go up. Honestly this hurts me, because I love this platform and dedicate too much time of my live, promoting the Spanish-speaking community. And it seems ridiculous that you increase the profits to those who have more and that you take earnings from the content creators. What investors are going to come, if this platform no longer has content to be voted on? And fewer content creators are going to exist with the HF21.

On the other hand, I don't understand how you continue to pay a salary to the person who "does" marketing, because it is non-existent. Steemit DOES NOT HAVE MARKETING. That of the organic growth, after two years, was a TOTAL FAILURE and you would have to fire him. He missed a unique opportunity in these two years and I think it was one of the biggest failures of Steemit Inc. And it is clearly seen on Twitter, where EVERYONE publishes with Medium. In a world where marketing is voracious, this person wanted to grow organically? Please, what are you doing that doesn't fire him?

I repeat, it hurts me to write this, because those who knew me on the platform, know what I did at the time, but with everything you are doing, I have no other option than to despise human beings who have power here. Steemit will be a pleasant memory, I'm happy with it, but here it ends for me. I hope I'm wrong and can return at some point, but I see it impossible. You (Witnesses and Steemit Inc) killed this platform by inoperability and greed.

Edit: Sorry, now Steem is 81 in market capitalization :......(


100% agree. Steemit is an tragic example of missed opportunity. And what little of it remains, continues to slip through our fingers.
I have given 2 years of my skill and time, for tokens I've been powering up, that are now worth about $200. That is heartbreaking when I see SPAM POSTS on this site pulling in that much, every day! I've contributed massive amounts of valuable unique exceptional content, and got almost nothing in return. Even worse, I moved all my crypto holdings into STEEM to "put my money where my mouth was", and powered up $5000 USD worth. Now that $5000, with interest collected, is worth under $300.
Now they're saying the management and insiders need more of my money? LOL
By abusing the content-creators they ensured this blockchain would fail.
There were only a few thousand of us hanging on, and only for the hopes that something good might be coming. Now that we know it isn't.... numbers will dwindle rapidly.
And people are selling STEEM for anything else, as fast as they can. :(

I agree! Sad - it's because we live in a hierarchical slave system and each individual would have to raise their consciousness in order to get out of it - so everything that is created on earth, in this mindset -will become another hierarchy until people give up delegating authority and give up the idea of fiat currency and give up the idea of haves and have nots and get out of religions like money, and belief in kill or be killed and self-preservation - all that - until then - everything humans create on earth will turn to shit because of the poisoned world view of humanity.

Yeah, let's go back to tribalism and the law of the nature. Nothing better than living like monkeys! Wondering why you are still here and not living in the subsaharian jungle under exactly those laws.

I am still here to stand up for NATURE to AI like you.

To what? People like me? People who see the flaws in our nature and try to find progressive solutions which don't resolve in a bloody civil war? En contraire to people who idealize our weak nature?

I think you perhaps misunderstand. I live by NATURAL LAW - Do unto others as I would have others do unto me. Cause No Harm. That is the LAW of Nature. The laws of steemit seem to be the laws of the hierarchy in which some believe they are the authority. There is no such thing as a human authority to delegate power to. As long as we live in this paradigm, all things we create will end up in the hierarchy. Me personally, I would prefer to go back to a time when we were more hominid than the satanic self-preservation mindset we currently are in. At least at that time we lived in alignment with Nature instead of now where we are living by nihilism.

Sorry, but the law of nature is eat or be eaten and the strongest prevails. The nature itself balances itself out usually but in general it is that. We have countless examples of lack of mercy, brutality and hierarchies in nature. And, if you are able to tell me any time in human history where we lived in alignment with nature in a non hierarchical setting, please tell me.

That is a poisoned world view provided for you by your owners - I suggest perhaps giving this a watch:

  ·  last month (edited)

I agree partially, but also disagree on some points.

Definitely the things Steemit Inc did wrong in the last 2 years could fill an entire "how to not do blockchain business book". And I also do agree that parts of the share for DAO could come from the witness pool.

But I don't believe that the "posts" on this platform is the most important thing Steem has. Unless you can show me any post on this blockchain which ever went viral and got reach far outside of our own community.

I believe that Steem has to become a Blockchain for applications and slightly move away from having "blogging" being the main business model.
Because the number one thing which allows Steem to maintain value is applications and not authors.
Tell me anyone who invested into Steem to be able to upvote their favorite authors. I don't believe you will find any significant quantity for that. People have to be incentives to invest into Steem for resource credits to run their applications on top of it. Where Steemit should only be one on them.

Apps like Splinterslands show the possibilities there are on this front.
Unfortunately the economic model is broken for too long and these economic changes in this hardfork maybe too late. But, at least it is a step forward finally.

  ·  last month (edited)

When you only have a "solid" product (, you have to develop that product. You can not put energy into something (Dapps) if your most important product is a disaster. Who will invest in Steem, if, its main product, is falling apart?

Be successful with (too late for this) and maybe I or any investor, could possibly invest in Steem. And then, let's talk about Dapps.

The main problem is that I don't believe that it is possible to have a decent way to make Steemit sustainable.

  1. People are selfish
  2. People will abuse the system, especially in anonymity

How will you incentive many people to invest into a coin where a huge share goes to some blog writers and a big part of them are going to use selfvotes and other shit to get the maximum out of i? And if you want to get some extra profit out of your steem power you gotta do the same.

I believe that the economic proposal goes into a way where it might improve the Steemit experience, but fixing it? I'm not sure that is possible at all.
The curation increase will incentive voting other people more and thus incentive people to invest in Steem Power.
The rewards curve will make it more important to use bots but if you use bots and don't provide great content your content is going to be downvoted which is going to make bot abuse much more difficult.

Steem as a blogging platform is a highly experimental social experiment, and I'm not sure it can succeed at all. It's something we may find out with tons of trial and error.

But Steem as a platform for developers for Dapps, that is easy. Steem is easily the Platform with the easiest onboarding for new developers and with the help of cheap rpcs and resource credits + fast transactions it is very inviting to build your app on top of this blockchain. Especially with delegation markets which allow you to rent steem power more short term to get started it allows super easy onboarding without any commitment.

That's why MIRA was so important and that's why SMTs are going to be important too.
(Even though they might be badly late).

What guarantee is there that the proposals will actually produce some ROI in the form of a higher market cap for Steem? Just having a proposal system means nothing if there isn't any growth. Is Steem going to be burned?

Now, the Proposal System is supposed to take care of initiatives as development and marketing. So we have to hope that the investment into these things will have a higher return than the actual investment.

  ·  last month (edited)

I understand you. You are looking from the developer's side and possibly you are right. Maybe what you mention may bring investors. I'm not a developer and I do not know how easy it is to build a dapp in Steem, Eos, Eth, RSK, etc. I know the basics.

From the side of the investor, and talking about the SMT. Giving two launch dates and not fulfilling them, is another BIG failure. Trust, in this world is everything and you can not make that mistake as a company.

However, all my comment was focused on the 50/50 change.

But Steem as a platform for developers for Dapps, that is easy. Steem is easily the Platform with the easiest onboarding for new developers and with the help of cheap rpcs and resource credits + fast transactions it is very inviting to build your app on top of this blockchain. Especially with delegation markets which allow you to rent steem power more short term to get started it allows super easy onboarding without any commitment.

Please, tell the marketing guy that he has to let the world know about this...

  ·  last month (edited)

I completely agree with you on this, this year is the first year I am starting to trust in Steemit Inc since they are starting to deliver and showing better communication. Let's hope they will keep that up.

And I agree, one thing they definitely have a lot to learn yet is in marketing. Because that's something steem and Steemit are missing completely.

@raycoms if under word marketing you mean to promote Steem to bigger audience, than I totally agree. Another thing are tone of dapps, and coins under steem, floating all over. All exchanges, working with steem, games, news, new developments... Where are those in one place to show them to new members? It's not hard for me or anyone else who is here on Steem for longer period. will you say to new member to make speeddial group with all 72 steem links? I doubt it

that's your poisoned world view - believing that "people are selfish" and therefore we need some kind of authoritative police force that is going to make sure people are restricted from being selfish - that will just cause organism to die.

Unless you can show me any scientific publication which proofs that people are inherently altruistic and are able to organize themselves in non hierarchical systems I am forced to believe the current state of the art believe.

People are selfish, they only care about themselves and getting the best out for them, at any cost and the entire blockchain eco system with all the scams, manipulations and worse while there are no "enslaving authorities" is my proof.

People can be selfish and the economic pie can still grow. There is no reason to have a shrinking pie unless you are doing something wrong. You think people working in company X are doing it out of altruism?

Now, I never said that the economy has to shrink out of selfishness. But what will happen is that if the economy grows, who will get the extra are going to be very few at the top.

people are programmable - so whatever the mind-control system of the moment wants - people are - unless they awaken and do their shadow work. Oh and there are plenty of enslaving authorities in the blockchain.

Giving up is not a solution. As you noticed, the top 20 witnesses are still not on board.

Stay positive and continue what you do best, create more empowering content. At the end of the day, we are still small fish in the ocean trying to survive.

I've seen the ups and downs of steem community, experienced mostly down but I continue to press forward. That's the only way for us to evolve, improve and become a stable community.

Cheers for now.

So dam true even i wish it changes or else everything will be history...wish for the best.

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  ·  last month (edited)

How come your last post was written 11 months ago? How come you don't take advantage of Steem Engine tokenized tags, such as palnet, neoxian, steemleo, etc? They will by far outweigh the reduced author rewards. Come back to Steem because 11 months ago things were very different. And unless you're starving, cancel that power down because without SP you will not have much foundation to build on here. Steemit Inc is not everything. Yes, they need to do marketing. And they will. They are not stupid to let this ship sink.

But we all need to do this. This is not centralized Facebook. Everyone can take part in the future of this blockchain. Decentralized community has been hard at work and development that has been done is truly world-changing. Try it out for at least a month and maybe your views will change after that. I hope.

Im not against bidbots. The 50/50 rule is not that great. But if you were here at 9 cents keep on doing what you do we need you. But we need investers we need more steemflow. The bidbots are doing that but instead of opting them out welcome them in. Like facebook do. ***Do it like facebook Pay steem to earn a place in the trending page of users with the same interests between the posts without the bidbots. ***

This will attract more investers local businesses great events and the rise of steem.


My philosophy of life : Appreciate simple things, enjoy the silence, be always positive.


Someone seems to have lost their Positive Vibrations. 😆

very lazy development ruined steem market value every one is leaving steem forever we do not care anymore about steem and lame promise of SMT which is lolipop leave us alone if you cannot make steem stable no one like to stay if steem keep droping 10 ,15% per day

The rest of the market is dropping as well, though as you allude to, steem is worse than most.

Thanks @gtg and @timcliff. Guess i still don't get what witnesses are supposed to do, or did credit not go to all the others also?

Right? I know there are others testing it. And also, I'd like to know, what can we REALLY expect in hf21? Author rewards at zero for the average user?

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i'm not an author, i'm an avid reader and buyer of steem, so for me it's easy, i only need 10 things i like to read or watch each day to vote on.

{Author rewards zero for the average user} - sounds like real life, sounds like maybe, just maybe a currency with some real value can be achieved with hf21.

Oof, hard pass on that. I want my votes to matter on the things I like to read. With the new rewards curve, unless you prefer viral content to niche content, you won't be rewarding the authors. I've known for a while that my tastes don't align with the mainstream. So, like a Republican in California, my vote won't matter.

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Dude, I know you're struggling with this, you know I respect you. If you're uncomfortable with an author receiving less, adjust your SP delegation. You have far more than half of your potential in the hands of someone else.

It's in the hands of a program I trust and support, one that I think might be even more essential after the change. It furthermore seems to me that curating the content I like will be less, not more, rewarding. With all of my SP, a 100% upvote from me will be far far less than the 16 Steem line at which rewards are the same. And I like voting on comments and other content that generally doesn't get a bunch of votes. The way I use upvotes and steem power is the way I think steem is best, but it's not what these changes are aimed at, which seems to be offering outsize rewards to what is most popular.

I like delegating to SBI, because I think the mission is worthwhile, and the practical impact has been tremendous. I furthermore think that, if small users are going to stay active on the platform, SBI will play a big role in that.

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I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm not a fan of every change. But I do know people would be getting paid a hell of a lot more if they didn't centralize SP. And if more people would BUY instead of looking for ways to get the easy handouts, we'd be in far better shape. I just think of Youtube and how much work it takes to get the ball rolling there. Millions of producers, many of them working for years, many have yet to see a dime. I'm more about working on my stuff, hoping to draw an invested following. That's way different than a following. I don't know if you caught that post I linked in a comment above, but it's a good read. Community seemed to like it.

  ·  last month (edited)

What's the metaphor about people being paid to avoid your shop about?

But I do know people would be getting paid a hell of a lot more if they didn't centralize SP.

Also that part. What do you mean about that part?

Also, I didn't know you respected me, but I'm glad to hear it!

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I just thought everyone knew if I'm talking to them I probably respect them.... LOL!

Also, by average author, I mean those who DON'T use bots. The authors who use bots will, by and large, benefit from this change at the expense of those who don't.

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The authors who use bots will, by and large, benefit from this change at the expense of those who don't.

That assumes that bot users won't have their bot upvotes downvoted away by larger SP holders who are annoyed by their over-dependency on them (as there is now zero potential profit loss from downvoting at 100% a few times a day, aside from retaliation downvotes, which don't apply to accounts that don't create content and only curate).

This brings up another potential future issue - bot users being annoyed by dolphin/ orca/ whale downvotes on their content that they invested their own hard-earned money into (I forsee some "rage quits" happening in the future due to this). The risk with using bid bots will certainly be higher than it ever was before hard-fork 21, that much is a certainty.

I'm actually contemplating stopping all content creation on the Steem blockchain (as I'm making pittance on it as it is) and focusing solely on curation, so that I can use up all of my "free" downvotes without risk of retaliation from pissed off, entitled, Steemit abusers.

I'm actually contemplating stopping all content creation on the Steem blockchain (as I'm making pittance on it as it is) and focusing solely on curation, so that I can use up all of my "free" downvotes without risk of retaliation from pissed off, entitled, Steemit abusers.

Same here. My career as author may end soon. My new career as whale flagger may begin. :)
I don't care much to earn more STEEM as I have enough anyway to get rich if the STEEM price rises significantly (and if it doesn't, then anyway it won't help to have even more STEEM than now).
The only problem is that I really like to write from time to time, and I guess my articles to become real flag festivals if I keep posting and at the same time flagging abusive whales. :)

The only problem is that I really like to write from time to time, and I guess my articles to become real flag festivals if I keep posting and at the same time flagging abusive whales. :)

I hear you.

One possible solution is to make an alternative account to post from, without leaving any obvious traces to your main account's identity (so you obviously can't vote on it or delegate SP to it from your main account). The problem with that is that we each have our own unique "writing personality" and potential voting retaliators may (or may not?) be astute enough to make the connection.

Odds are, sticking to the same posting format and/or topics (on top of what I mentioned about writing style) will add up to more than enough evidence to make that connection, assuming that the content from the alt-account is sufficiently "visible". If the posts from this alt-account are making mere pennies per pay-out, there's a chance that it can go on unnoticed for eons, haha.

I guess we'll see. I think big holders selling their downvotes and maybe downvoting the trending page seems more likely than them downvoting $6 upvotes from bidbots.

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I agree that that would likely be the majority of the focus (Haejin, don't know if I spelled that correctly, comes to mind as an account that could/ should receive some of that focus), but even a small percentage of the large-holders of SP devoting their power to quelling dependency on bid bots (if I can put it that way) could make a huge difference when it comes to how easy of a decision it is for users to rely on bid bots for exposure/ profits.

Even the "good" witnesses run bots themselves. They think, as long as it isn't flagrant abuse, it's not the problem.

They're against the 100x/day posts that buy votes.

But I think this change will encourage regular users with decent content to buy votes because the system is broken. It's just another step of complication.

  ·  last month Reveal Comment
  ·  last month Reveal Comment

Every time the price is down people complain in the comments. It seriously doesn't matter what is written in the update post.

Each top 20 witness has to post a report with the results of their testing of the hardfork, and whether it passes their quality checks. That's the process that was being talked about on the last hardfork, right? When we had issues due to insufficient testing. Remember?

Why aren't all witnesses rushing to test this thing and post their reports so we can schedule the hardfork?

you decide with your witness vote

Actually he doesn't. The top 20 witnesses are more or less decided by a handful of mega whales. Nothing beyond those votes matters. It's a joke to think "the people" or some kind of "consensus" selects the witnesses... which is a major problem on here.

  ·  last month (edited)

Yes, I know and there is nothing we small accounts can do about it, except vote in a different direction.
And he is currently voting for a lot of T20 Witnesses...

Actually, of course the mega whales have a huge influence, but this also because many many of the small people don't power up and don't vote.

  ·  last month Reveal Comment

But it's true, of course the big accounts have a huge influence, and of course this is mainly because they were the first ones to be here, but that's how it works unfortunately. And the only way to change it is having the huge crowd of small people powering up more Steem and starting to vote the best witnesses.

There have been multiple posts in the past analyzing this and a huge portion of Steem and Steem Power does not vote for any witness which further centralizes the process.
(This counts for any type of democracy).

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  ·  last month Reveal Comment
  ·  last month Reveal Comment

Development of blockchain / wallet needs to have proper democratic governance. Bitcoin failed to solve this problem early on . Steem can solve it, i am confident. Forking is our secret weapon, other non Steem/dpos based coins fail to engineer. Removing flaws only makes the blockchain better over time, year after year. The problem with our design comes when a small number of insulated people develop all the code, (this is what caused bitcoin block transactions to become full). Decentralized development isn't easy, I am still very confident this is the way forward.

I don't know if it is the testing or what, but the wallet page screen looks a little off. Missing parts of the header, parts of the header not showing, basically the aesthetic stuff is all I can really mention, but I did learn a little HTML and CSS over the last couple of weeks and it looks like in the body portion of the <style> an overflow-x: hidden; line is needed that should take care of the bottom scroll bar issue.

wallet-regular header issue.png

  ·  last month (edited)

Reputation and number of posts and followers are not important on the Steemit Wallet, only on the social app,

I'm fine with that, it seems to me prior to the testing that info was on the wallet page also, I could be mistaken however. With testing going on and the request for the testers to post results here, for the dev's to see what issues are up, I thought I would post what I saw as an anomaly. There were if people recall a few anomalies during the HF20 testing.

If people, the developers and the witnesses and some users do not want the plain old ordinary person pointing out things that may be amiss I am fine with that. It certainly is not worth the down votes for attempting to let people, especially the developers know about possible Glitches.

By your reasoning of "not important on the Steemit Wallet", then the background picture and all the other header information is un-needed and can be don away with thus saving the micro bandwidth they use up.

Part of a good user experience is to have consistent look and feel across the pages. I believe there was just a minor issue with when the Wallet page came out, of people not being able to get back to their Blog, that got resolved pretty quickly. Why, because of consistency, things did not work the way they used to for people and thus caused issues.

It's fine to report possible issues when you find them. I do that too. The testing they were referring to in the post was about the HF21 testnet. Sorry if you received a downvote for that. Here's an upvote from me on your reply.

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Ah, smashing. This is what I have been waiting for. Yes, document tests and failures. Great stuff!

I don't know how I could help this, coz I am not a confidence developer so far. Anyway @timcliff and @gtg hat off for your work!


  ·  last month Reveal Comment

I don't know what you mean, is @gtg is @ngc? Honestly I don't know that! I am supporting HF21, so I think you both should stay away from flagging my contents for nothing!


  ·  last month Reveal Comment

Late to the party but...

I am not enthusiastic or hopeful concerning certain aspects of this fork with specific emphasis the convergent curve.

I suspect it will have decisively negative impact on @steemflagrewards abuse fighting operations. I fully anticipate our ability to cultivate our abuse fighting community to be severely impacted and degraded. We take incoming flags all day and now they are going to be given out for free.

I have voiced dissident views on this matter in various places. Nevertheless, I will test for the sake of my community and deliver the results to them.

Without decisive support from you @steemit, I don't see how the SFR community project will be worth the time that so many dedicate of themselves to #cleansteem.

As an engineer, I find difficult to rationalize how much time I put into this project that gives users hope only to have that dashed by a selfish whales with ulterior motives.

Perhaps, I am wrong and such will be made apparent during my testing. I intend to determine our groups loss in compensation and evaluate the viability of contuing our group efforts or securing this blockchain against the bane of token manipulation.

As stated, I am a system engineer and worse come to worse, we will prepare for a contentious hard fork. It may be a challenge but I will do what it takes to not have the system we have put together go to the wayside for such would be a shame. The question is whether SFR will be compatible with HF21 under the current parameters / support. I would love to say yes. With StInc, it would be so most assuredly.

I must make it clear. The fork talk is not a threat. It's just we have come so far to have our legs cut our from under without any support from Steemit Inc. I understand that the fork or more or less inevitable and I'm doing what I can to mitigate and prep in a part time volunteer capacity. (Now with my token $20 Utopian vote every week or so. Good I can buy a pizza or something if I wanted to power down that is. I don't)

I am more than happy for us to continue and actually that is the preferred but I think we will need help.

This turns users away....

steemit frontend is SLOW, laggy, and I don't know why I am still using it.

@justyy - the author of

This is a temporary security measure due to a denial of service attack. Somebody doesn't want you accessing the site at all and this is a response to that attack.

Yeah, I'm not happy seeing that delay screen for 10 seconds, many times throughout the day. Waste of time, and unnecessary to be repeated so often.

find any bugs yet?

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Maybe read some reddit comments. That should give you a clue...

we need smt date

스팀잇재단한테 바랄것도없지만 좋은 아이템 이런식으로 운영하지 않았음한다. 제발 운영능력이 안되면 법인회사에 팔았음한다. 네드님 추해진다. 이상

Is there a date when will that be?

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Today made an update to Steem Proposals UI. You can check how SPS system can be viewed from a perspective of an ordinary person -

Cut the Chord. Quit Discord.

Hope Hf21 will improve things unlike how some people saying it is more disaster with falling price of steem. As in comments @tincho said, steemit also need more improvements with more friendly interface. I hope you people again consider and discuss about 50/50 with witnesses.

nice, at least you consult the community about this. thanks and good luck

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I hope so that next HF 21 will not stop whole platform for a days. Anyway move into 50/50 rewards is a good move, more people now uses tokens and there on diffrent platforms are less author rewards and nobody have problem with that. Many people just want buy more tokens, becuase is more easy to be a whale on a specific tag. I just wonder that in the future can be possible to have a slider to use specific vote power from diffrent platforms!

Is there a rough timeline for when the fork will be released

Hf21 hope that everything improves, the truth is that I do not know anything about programming, but it seems fair 50/50 no less if a content is original, it is understood that a witness has invested money there and has to win. Many people use steemit to round out the salary that is chaotic in venezuela, stay tuned to the news. @steemitblog, @gtg and @timcliff

la esperanza Hf21 de que todo mejore, la verdad es que no se nada sobre programación, pero parece justo 50/50 no menos si un contenido es original, se entiende que un testigo ha invertido dinero alli y tiene que ganar. Muchas personas utilizan steemit para redondear el sueldo que esta caotico en venezuela, seguire atenta a las noticias

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very good keep testing well and tell us when you decide hf21 release date and please keep quick this job i'm very excited about SMT hope you will give us smt release date soon thank you.

i am here for smt too

Eli said during an interview with @aggroed during his Steem witness forum the date of Steemfest for SMTs. It wasn’t discussed in detail and it just kind of came out during her response to some questions about other things. It makes sense to me that they internally will want that done before Steemfest in early November in some form or another ... at least a testnet I would think. Let’s hope they can get it done. Back in Nov/Dec of last year when they were releasing their sprint data it looked like they were getting close and that was before they removed some complicated features of SMTs.

hahaha - it was to be released at Steemfest 2 years ago...

Shhhh .... !PatienceCoin

I am looking forward for the changes. Great work you all are doing. I fail to understand why so many people complain about steem when there is no other platform that does better than steem.

you are right man

I agree

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