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How are you, content creators like artists, writters, musicians, bloggers etc... seeing HF20?

Artist unknow

We're all enthusiastic about it and hoping it changes for the better but personnally, after having read (without fully understanding due its technicity) most last posts from @steemitblog and many of the huge amount of comments, I must admit that I slowly lean toward a negative point of view, ... Glups! ...

(If you don't want to read my whole mumbo, I coldly summarized everything at the bottom of the post).

So, ... I read that we're all passing through a difficult time and that we're thanked for withstanding it.


On my side, except the lower value of the coin, I have not felt problems (Oh no, wait, Steem wallets became -or still are?- inactive on Bittrex!). I am actually thankfull of the better communication from Steemit inc.

But ....

... It all seems about costs and scale and technical blabla which again, without fully comprehend, I choose to leave to the developers with confidence. However, after reading and reading, I am simply surprised (and disappointed) to not find anything regarding the "condition" of Content Creators, especially minnows of course. The discussion is mainly between techies and cryptocurrencies experts. Almost nothing from or about "simple" users (the few that let comments don't get answers to their fears).

Source: The Oatmeal

I do get that the costs and scalability are important steps for the sustainability of the network but isn't it clear that another very important thing to make Steemit sustainable (and therefore increasing Steem value), is to bring more genuine users and offer them an attractive user experience? Shouldn't this be a high priority?

They do talk about making it easier to register but I don't see anything new regarding how actually attractive it can be to come here instead of another networks (except the reward system and the advantages of decentralised networks).

Everybody knows now that most newcomers are often discouraged by the complexity but I don't see any development to make it simpler, at the contrary (Yeah, yeah, it has to be hard, I know, ... still ..).
I've seen dozens of amazing new artists showing up, making great posts and then stopping. Obviously, the equilibrium between the time spent on Steemit with the advantages it gives you (wether in STU's or in exposure, promotion, user experience, fun...) are still very, very difficult to balance. And it's fine to not make much but then shouldn't you need to at least see that the coin or the amount of newcomers steadily going up?

I have done a lot to try to bring good content creators here but on the few that did register, none have become active! It's obvious that (among other flaws) so long it looks like a place only for crypto-enthusiasts, it won't attract many people that aren't in this rather small bubble.

The inequalities and a system that tends toward oligarchy are, in my opinion, some of the biggest flaws in Steemit. Again, I am not sure to see if there are any efforts to make this evolutate, even slowly. If @hendrikdegroote (thanks!) is not upvoting my post, it barely ever goes over 1 or 2 STU's. There is a gap.

Hf20 do mention the spam problem and adresses it, I assume it'll take some time to see if this really works.

Additionnally, several new (till even 50 of reputation) users seemed to be unable to perform actions since the hardfork took place (end even after it being "stable") and looked desperate! I am not sure if this became more stable by now and if they could post more than twice again by day but this is a bit scary. I am sure this made even more user leaving the boat.

Someone else pointed out that Steemit is totally missing all the opportunities of getting more users (mostly during the scandals dirtying facebook), bringing up that Steemit inc. hasn't done any press release or action to tell eveyone "Hey, there is a better network here!".

Indeed, they have done nothing.
Worse, for some of them, it was impossible to register, no need to say those people will NEVER come back.

Many "gurus" are also writing about how Steem is just steadily going down which compared with oter coins, makes it, despite the speed etc... looks like a bad invest.

In short:

  • More people leaving/Not many registering (I don't know the number, this is all from my point of view).
  • Lambda people see Steemit as a place only to make money, they just don't see why they would register there.
  • Steem went under 1$ (I had read it was designed to not to).
  • Big supportive accounts like @ocd and @slothicorn have become inactive.
  • Absence of new massive supporting curators like @curie (they're great but more are needed).
  • It won't make me go but it might makes it more difficult to convince people to come in, as I feel less confident.

Would please someone telling me the good points? (except the scalability)

Edit: THE GOOD POINTS! (Thanks to those who answered, I could edit this)

  • Voting power did increase.
  • Option to hide Re-steems.
  • Steem blockchain working towards DAPPS.
  • Infinite edits.
  • There's more I am sure!

I still believe in Steemit and hope a lot from it but my nightmare is that it becomes (or stays) a place governed by cryptobarons robbing all the pool and where users are solely driven by rewards. In my opinion, even if many posts are qualitative, that will always leave a wrath of hypocrisy and fakeness hovering over it. Rewards are one thing but creativity can really be in danger when everything is about $$$. This is sometimes sadly making Facebook still better (nooooo please noooo ).

I am all theorizing here and again, it's absolutely possible that I don't see that the improvements are there and are on their way but that's why I make this post! If someone has any clue or opinion to light my lantern, that'd be great!

Source: Over the garden wall


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I still don't completely understand it but I'm happy now that we 1) get SBD again and 2) we can hide shared work on our feed. I think that will encourage others to share more. I know I like to but then always worry about my feed, now no need :) steem on!


Thanks for dropping by @donnadavisart!

True! The voting power increased and the option to hide the resteems is great, definitely very good things!

I was probably a bit anxious after all the HF20's readings and I wrote this post "in heat" :D, I now slowly see the real changes and advantages.


There is probably bad with it as well, but honestly I'm so out of the loop about it that I'm just happy that Steemit is sort of 'back to normal' as far as posting and such. I just love reading and sharing on here, it's really like the old school internet but you get small tips :)


Yes it did say some things were "bad", for example that many people were unable to perform actions but at the same this is apparently exactly what made the pool bigger, which lead to us having more voting power.

Haha yeah many people feel back the "old internet", true there's a bit from it with the fact that we can take some power back and avoid centralised, overcontroling platforms.

Just installed "Brave" browser today, path to web 3.0, so that's the futuristic side of it!!

I think you make valid points. And I have the same doubts and criticism of the Steem main developers.

However, on the other hand, I see plenty of programs helping people who make good content. Granted, some personal investment is needed, but I believe it's worth it.

I'm talking about programs like @steembasicincome, @steem-ua, @steemraiser, @upvoteshares, @minnowbuilder...

There are also plenty of initiatives that require no investment, to reward good content. Like @curie, @pifc, @c-squared, @dsound, @travelfeed, @theluvbug and many more.

I think that is the best thing about this network. If we're not happy with something, we have the power to change it.

Personally, I think two main attitudes are needed, in order to have a good experience in this platform:

  • Create good posts, at least 4 times a week;
  • Engage a lot with others, by voting, commenting, replying to comments, participating in contests...

Fail any of these two and you risk falling into a black hole. But that's also like real life. If you're antisocial, you can't expect that many will want to talk to you. Right?

I hope you keep up. I enjoy your work. And it's people like you that this platform needs. 😃


Thanks for your input @trincowski!

I know there are all these initiatives to boost newcomers, some of them which were very supportive for art before turning inactive. I just hope more will come up.

The Hardfork itself is definitely a good thing (I just hope it went back to "normal" for users with low sp, which I think it did). However, again, it's just about the technology. Not really about the user experience.

BUT ... indeed, it is probably necessary to fix this at first. On top, it seems that user experience will come up through the Dapps. I just got Partiko on my phone (and Steepchat, thanks @melooo182), will test soon. Seems this could really help bring more users.


I agree. By the way, do you know these interfaces?



busy yes, but steempeak I didn't know.

I do agree with most of your concerns but I think Dapps are the ones who will actually bring more people to the steem blockchain, Stepshot as an instagram imitator makes it quite simple for anyone to start uploading images to the chain


Thank you so much for enlighting me @melooo182!

A week ago or so, I did had quickly skim through texts about dapps that would make posting and general use of the steem blockchain easier to new users which were a bit scared of the complexity. Had a bit forgot about it.

Now thanks to you I just spent the weekend for a deeper reading on this and now I see quite better how indeed they can improve the user experience. Just installed Steepshot and Partiko (on my phone), let's see!

Thanks again, I will edit the list of good points!

I have noticed also what you are saying. I still don´t really understand how this place works(the basic ideas I do and this is why I try to support it) much but would like it to be more significant, this is why I just continue posting. I enjoy the art and posts I have discovered from others I didn´t know. I can´t help you in knowing or understanding the facts. Good questions!


Thanks for commenting @romanie!

Definitely I found a great art community on Steemit. Slowly I also understand more and more which is necessary to go further. @melooo182 is totally right about the dapps, that is what will make it take off.

My opinion remains that the developers @ned and the like are fixated on the "Smart Media Tokens" to compete wit the likes of EOS. But here are two telling points.

@dan Larimer managed to launch EOS before the SMT's even though Steemit had a two year head start.

In the two years since its launch, third parties, such as busy.org, D-Tube, D-Sound, ect, have done more for the user experience, new features and services than the main developers.

"But we are about producing the platform under the other services..." whine the developers. But as you most rightly point out, Steemit.com is the first contact most people have with the network, and that experience is often difficult. Many people simply never come back.

The network lives and dies by its user base. Again as you said, HELLO!, where's the marketing and promotion?

I could go on, but I think you covered it all.


This is all very depressing, I have been advocating Steemit around and, even after having found a few positive points (that I actually can't even be sure of), I start again to loose faith!

How will I dare now trying to invite more people here when they can't perform more than 1 post and 10 comments a day, they'll indeed not stay and I can't delegate for everyone, and it simply shouldn't be like that. These top people cannot be dumb to the fact they don't know it's important for new users to have a good experience. Period.

I spent nights reading topics like this one https://steemit.com/steemit/@davemccoy/steemit-the-anti-social-network#@whatsup/re-davemccoy-steemit-the-anti-social-network-20181007t181112798z

It's unbelievable that they seem to sabotage such revolutionnary concept for greed.

At the same time, that is a problem of today. People create these platforms and transpose the real world in, they could come up with more equal systems, but they choose to create an olygarchy.

I really hope I am just wrong but to see so many mature users having the same vision, is absolutely discouraging :(


People create these platforms and transpose the real world in, they could come up with more equal systems, but they choose to create an olygarchy.

People are the real world. So put a bunch of humans together, you are going to replicate conditions that you see elsewhere. You are up against human nature. That is the reason the way the world is. Utopia is a world for ideal humans. None of us are ideal, therefore, we do not live in an ideal world.

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The problem I have is something you mentioned too. If I don't get a curie which is 1 time a month my rewards reach maybe around 1 $. And that is because I invested a lot in steembasicincome giving me a 0.9 vote plus my investment in qurator. Without that my rewards would be 0.10 while I post works which took me weeks or more. I know low rewards don't mean the content is crap but it feels like a slap in the face everytime thinking why I even bother putting effort in it. I keep on going because I don't want to give up and want this to work. Also the nice community and many comments on my work give me a bit of boost. But low rewards really kills the motivation and feels like hard work is worth nothing and completely the opposite of what people say in the comments. It's like you play in a band and everyone says your band is awesome but never buy merch or an album...

I think if steemit is more focused on people who just want to read blogs and upvote without understanding it all would be a big improvement and attracts readers.


Maybe but don't forget everything went down with Steem's value. Several months ago, when it was between 3 to 5 dollar or euros, i'd get effective votes from @slothicorn, @artzone, sometimes from qurator and other supportive accounts like @curie. That would have made posting sustainable without the absolute need of a whale passing by (whales would still be what could really make a post booming but they would still nonetheless hit between 10 or 30 stu's, which is acceptable).

I think it just has to go up again.

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True but slothicorn isn't active anymore when they were they supported me a lot :) Would be nice if there were more groups like slothicorn.

I hope it will soon :)