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I recently read an article by @rahul.stan : - https://steemit.com/hf19/@rahul.stan/should-there-be-a-cap-at-what-people-can-earn-from-a-single-post

In this article - @rahul.stan points out that the upcoming HF19 should have a cap on the amount a blog post or a comment makes.

I wanted to make a suggestion and I thought about writing a whole new post about it.

The upper cap on a blog post or a comment should be something which relates to the general remuneration a person makes in the real world.

Let's assume that a person quits her day job and starts posting on Steem for a living - then that person should be able to make twice or thrice the amount a person at McDonalds or Walmart would make if that person were making minimum wages.

This will promote the platform to a lot of the masses who would seriously think about quitting their jobs and doing what they love and Steem.

At the moment, as Rahul points in his post, the system is biased towards people with deep pockets who vote each other's posts - no harm in cross promoting - but why hurt the whole system for you own benefit - let us make this worthwhile for everyone.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer - let us make a system that gives everyone a level playfield.

Perhaps in the future, a small joining fee can be charged for people to join and prove that they are serious about making Steem even more successful.

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I appreciate your viewpoint on this. It's nice to think that a dollar cap on the whaleshares' curation & posting could be controlled or more evenly distributed - I mean, who doesn't like more free money?

Just to be the voice of reason, though, the real world of Capitalism does not fit into anyone's views, opinions, or ideas of how the world "should be." Life is not fair - and it's especially not fair in the world of money & finance.

You're idea is a good one, and it's a great thought - how it could work out in reality may be something entirely different. Lots of times people trying to come up with a "fair system" has proven elusive.


Life isn't fair...but it can be changed. And if you think the Federal Reserve System is "free market capitalism" then I have some swamp land to sell you.


Exactly! It does seem like cryptos may be somewhat more resistant to corruption and tampering, but I don't exactly have a lot of faith in people when it comes to money and profits. :D

Interesting Views


Interesting point of view...keep it up

But we have to create a system that mirrors the current system. You know..casino finance..a few wealthy while the many get pennies. Or how about a few people on Steemit are on the hot list everyday while posts like this won't even get noticed. I'm joking by the way ;)

No way. Limits are never a good thing, but especially bad for steem rewards.

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