Steem Hardfork Rumors

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Hey Everyone,

I guess most of us have heard the rumors about a secret HF on Wednesday.

Also if you didn't see it, JustinW seems to have either resigned or been fired from SteemIt inc. Today.

Like the others he is very tired and needs to rest. lol, whatever that means.

Anyway, typically a Fork would be published and code reviewed before it was dropped.

Also, this is all just rumors and possibly unrelated...

What are your thoughts?



I'm not sure what to think. I don't think the rumors I've seen come from the most trustworthy of sources, but still. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Wondering if you guys (maybe your son) got some more information about whats gonna happen?
I have great difficulties in finding information from witnesses; Most post in Korean, or other Asian language I would say. STINC seems not to mention anything, at least nothing I was able to find.
Owww, I chatted with your son, asking if you guys wanted to support or maybe create your proposal on the HIVE side of things to get your HIVE airdrop. Maybe a good time now to consider this.

Hi, thanks, no I don't have any information either. Just found out about this. Haven't read it yet.

We were all set to support both chains when the Hive fork happened, but after they put us on the black list, we don't really see hive as an option any more. I'd submit a proposal for an air drop and go back to the plan of supporting both chains if I thought it had any chance of succeeding, but I seriously doubt if it would. Seems like the Hive controllers would demand exlusive loyalty to that chain. Even moreso if the HF rumors are true...

The HF happened indeed, and I must say, the rumours turned into reality in which Justin/TRON showed again they push their demands through by voting out witnesses who do not agree and voting in their own puppet witnesses. Though in the HIVE side all is not all good, but here on the STEEM side it is clear to me not only double standards are supported by TRON as well as STINC but also one needs to be super careful since any new fork can lead to accounts being censored and wallets being emptied. I'm receiving downvotes on my contributions as well, though not standard. However, I know of good community members who are downvoted all the time. That makes me very sad.

I actually came here to read your thoughts about this @whatsup

I think it is bullshit, but I also think the huge outrage of the stakeholder who froze Justin's stake is bullshit.

It's an eye for an eye.

There's already plenty said about events in Feb/Mar. I hope some form of peace can be found, so actually community building can be focused on.

Sadly, it appears that the drama might be the most effective way to grab attention in the space. Let's try to see silver linings.

Is there anyone left at steemit inc?

Also so steem is getting a HF to block whales and now we seeing a HF for some other chain too? Lol what a mess, I kinda love it but also over it

Yes...I heard a rumor like that, but it just caused a bit of wondering in my head :>) After all...there isn't a thing 'we' can do about it one way or another. We have no 'voice' in the matter.

It has made me a bit nervous. All the rumors I've seen have come from a strongly anti-Steem perspective so there's a chance they're overblown, but I was completely surprised by the 0.22.8888 fork so I have to assume that things are on the table for a hard fork that I wouldn't have previously believed.

Interesting times: Seen a list of large stakeholders with rumours that these accounts will be nullified. Guess that'll be nullifying single to maybe even double digit millions US$. STINC didn't write about this. All trending posts are in Korean or some other Asian language I can't read :(

Exchanges should not go along with a HF when code is not made public. But anything goes in crypto space, the modern day wild west, no rules, no accountability. Guess some news about Steem gave the coin a tremendous boost on the exchanges. I predict: Whatever happens, and whatever accounts are nullified, TRON and Justin will not be effected, in short, mid and long run! Its crypto space, so anything goes - oops, now I said that twice in the same comment :)

I am just wondering if this community will ever heal or go back to being what it was or where it was. Is that too much to ask though?

Have to quit getting hurt before you can heal... but yea i hear ya, I can't believe how salty people are

I think the one that was most surprising on the list is @ats-david. As far as I know, all he ever did was participate in debate. If that's the case, I find that to be deeply disturbing about this new regime.

ATS should be fine with it, he's a code is code guy. It was his position all along that witnesses could run whatever code they wanted.

I suppose so, but that being said, if you look at the top 500 witnesses, only 35 or so (minus Jsun's socks) are actually running the code.