Hey! Where Are You? for the week of 6/1-6/7

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Hello! We here at @heyhaveyamet really enjoy seeing what you all have to say, but we are noticing a few people we are following haven't written much lately. We wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help get you posting again. Those we are checking into today are:


If each of the people listed above would write a post letting us know what we, or others, can do to help encourage you to continue posting quality content, we at Hey! Have Ya Met and @steemterminal will be more than happy to give you a 50% upvote on that one post.

In order to receive the 50% upvote,
you must leave the link to your most recent post or or leave a comment
in the comments!!!


We gave you a 25% upvote when we introduced you and are giving you, and the others we have introduced in past #hhym posts one 15% upvote per day. We do hope it is helping you achieve some of your goals.


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Hello @heyhaveyamet it takes some effort to create quality content sometimes it seems as if the effort goes unnoticed because of all the other backround noise. I just started a few months ago not really knowing what to expect but I have serious plans for this wonderful plarform in terms of content that I want to create. The fact that you made effort to find out why I have not been blogging much is also a good sign that maybe I am not that invisible at all and maybe if you could give tips on how I could improve my visibility that would also be wonderful. I still have a lot to learn so that is also a factor and I am just in that process. Thanks for taking the time and effort to enquire. I will definately be posting something soon most likely more than I did before, I feel like I just need to go at it another round with even more passion and determination.

Love and peace to you all.

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It really is hard, but it is possible. All of us have been where you are and it just takes patience and stubbornness. The fact that you commented back is proof that you have both. Have you heard about the Steem Terminal? @steemterminal is a discord server that was created to assist people like yourself who need help with questions. We take "real time" questions and give "real time" answers. Please look us up in discord by following the link (click on the banner)

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You can also contact us directly in our posts or @steemterminal as well.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much @heyhaveyamet 😃

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Just trying to keep all those we have introduced encouraged.

Hello I’ll try my best this summer

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We were just co cerned si ce we haven't seen much from you lately. Please let us or the @steemterminal know if you need help.


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Hi and thanks @heyhaveyamet, there is no need for encouragement, unless you know how to add several hours to each day :) greetings from travels with my family ;) posts coming soon

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I need about 8 hours extra too hahahaah

So relieved to know everything is good. We knew something had to be up since you normally post on a regular basis! If I could give you an extra 8 hours I would!!!!