Ryzen 1500x Overclocked HexxCoin lyra2z330 mining speeds

in hexxcoin •  9 months ago

hxxCPUmining speeds.png

If you started mining HexxCoin a few months ago with your spare cpu power from a mining rig you are probably pretty happy now provided you held onto those coins you mined. I have not seen much information about mining speeds from different CPU's other than the standard i7 stuff. Keep in mind that these speeds will also work with Zoin as it is using the same lyra2z330 mining algorithm. I ran the tests on Linux 18.04 using cpuminer-opt version and wanted to share my results here.


With a good overclock I am getting around 1330 H/s running on the stock cooler with a stability test of one full day with no issues. I was able to reach the 1600 H/s range but it was not as stable as I like with occasional hangs and freezing. I will have a water cooler here tomorrow so I expect to get better results once this is hooked up. I also have a Ryzen 1300x that I think will get similar results with an overclock and better than stock cooling.


The above screenshot is just a bonus speed test using the Ryzen 1500x on cryptonightV7(monero) just in case anyone was interested. Its pretty much worthless to mine monero on it unless you are just doing it for fun and want to set it and forget it.

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nice, mining looks too complicated for me, I only mine proof of stake coins


POS coins are not a bad way to go since they require very little resources and they are good for the environment. I am a computer geek and love seeing what kind of performance I can get out of low cost hardware.

Your post is quite informative regarding minining of hexxcoin, to be honest i do a very little information in this regard but i appreciate your post because it will be helpful for other steemitians ..
Thanks for posting such a wonderful post..


Thanks, we do have a few miners here on steemit and some they may be interested in getting started.


I hope they get startsd very soon....Any help from me I am always here for you..

I find that stuff interesting!