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Anyone holding Bitcoin at the exact time and blockheight of the Bitcoin blockchain of the HEX snapshot will be able to claim free HEX ERC-20 tokens into an Ethereum address you own. Without referral bonuses and all the rest of the bonuses the ratio is 10000 HEX : 1 BTC.

I don’t care how much BTC you have or how little you think you have, you must claim or you will be crying later I guarantee it. Free will exists of course, and not paying attention does have consequences. However, there is absolutely nothing to lose by claiming HEX which you will only have a certain amount of time from the snapshot to claim (51 weeks) and the longer you wait, the less HEX you are able to claim designedly so.

If HEX is successful it will be #2 next to Bitcoin in a few years. I will explore speculative possibilities of this later on. I will help everyone be sure to be able to claim on Day 0 to maximize our bonuses. HEX is the most brilliant project in all of cryptocurrency. I don’t care if anyone claims otherwise, for what more common financial service or product is there in the whole world besides currency? Certificate of Deposit, aka Time Deposit, which is essentially the ability to “stake” capital for a contracted length of time, and in exchange the counter-party bank compensates you for your “risk” or your “investment” into their centralized system, by “guaranteeing” interest paid in return to you as per terms and conditions of aforementioned contract.

HEX is a stroke of genius that has gone largely unrecognized in the crypto space. Mainly I surmise because some people deplore Richard Heart for how successful he’s been in the past, plus how generally right he’s been about many things which particularly unintelligent people hate and fail to appreciate, and how idiots defined as idiots because they don’t even examine the project objectively because they just can’t stand Heart for whatever stupid reason. They think Richard Heart is arrogant? No, it is they that are arrogant that deny the tremendous possibility HEX represents and may accomplish. So they refuse like close-minded people do to even consider the possibilities of such a project as Hex. People like that deserve to stay broke or get broke.

Why is HEX so brilliant?

Who needs a traditional fiat-based Certificate of Deposit anymore? It makes zero sense now that we have the smart-contracted trustless-interest functionality enabled by cryptography and inimitably clever game theoretics, a novel invention that will rapidly enough emerge and burst onto the theater of crypto, HEX.

Well how much money in the world is currently bonded up into contracts, these so-called Certificate of Deposits (more accurately called time deposits)? According to Richard Heart the number is $7 trillion between the United States and China alone! Wait a minute, what was the market cap of Bitcoin when it was $20k in December 2017? Well not even half a trillion. Pathetic!


So why am I mentioning Bitcoin’s previous ATH marketcap? Because to imagine the fullest possibility of HEX we have to imagine the fullest possibility of Bitcoin. Obviously Bitcoin when going down for ages everything else sinks incalculably faster! On the other hand when Bitcoin is in a bull run for multiple years culminating in an explosion of energy which it blows off at the “top” everything else is rising and exploding also like fireworks, the sounds of millions at once getting REKT, by the so-called dumping of whales of their favorite “shitcoins” on their frightful heads as they are left eternally weeping over heavy bags chanting “how did the government let this happen!”

The point is Bitcoin will continue as it has in the past in cycles, which is part and parcel of the design of it by Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, profound genius, probably deceased. If we can imagine that Bitcoin will as Trace Mayer calls it as “a blackhole on the world’s balance sheet” to continue to function as such, it will voraciously proceed to eat every single fiat currency of the world out of existence. Bitcoin is an intelligence test and a solution to the problem of power. Where power can corrupt, it must corrupt, because power corrupts only those that love having it most, and obviously, who enjoys most working to possess more and more power? Think just what am I advocating for? To what principle or philosophy is my devotion, or am I just a loyal slave to the “hand that pays my salary I shall not question”? Cryptocurrency is ultimately about FREEDOM. We’ve already won this is what few understand. How does the saying go, “first they deny and laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

Bitcoin is destined to be valued at, in today’s dollar terms, trillions upon trillions of dollars. Anyone who suggests otherwise just don’t get it, because perhaps they just can’t get it.

What’s the speculative highly approximated math?

18,000,000 Bitcoin * $1,000,000 = $18,000,000,000,000

Is that possible? Definitely. How soon, who knows.

Why is this relevant to HEX?

Because I am trying to imagine what the marketcap of HEX would be 5 years out, 10 years out, 15 years out. And how am I supposed to do that except to use Bitcoin as a basis? I don’t care in the slightest what the marketcap valuation of HEX is in terms of U.S. Dollars. Who cares? Do you really expect the US Dollar to still have the same purchasing power it does today in the near to far future? The answer is simply that it will not for reasons you can learn from Andreas Antonopolous, a gifted patient educator on the beauty and elegance of the invention of bitcoin and its implications on the world.

Now, these speculations are necessary to estimate the potential marketcap of HEX. We know there exists $7 trillion in conventional CDs between the United States and China. That’s the market demand in other words strictly in terms of US Dollars and not even including all the other currencies. Obviously all of that isn’t going to dump into HEX overnight. However, long term that is definitely the potential. What’s going to happen as the dollar loses global hegemony? What is going to be the value of those conventional CDs then? Will the market, i.e. the demand, just disappear? Of course not, it will just find the next best thing, which will just so happen to be HEX, which is designed to specifically replace those CD’s by a technologically superior mechanism that decentralizes the same functionality offered by banks. Not to mention the fact that people who would have otherwise been privy to CDs but couldn’t because of certain stupid limitations imposed on them by the banks will now have the same opportunity permissionlessly available to them via HEX.

I think Bitcoin can easily be $1,000,000 in the next 10 years, but what about 15 years, maybe $10,000,000? Why 15 years? Because with HEX you are given the option to set your trustless-interest yielding time-deposits for up to 15 years! And all I care about at the end of the day when my stakes have completed the set time is not the value of HEX in terms of dollars but in terms of Bitcoin. How many satoshi’s is 1 HEX? My argument or suggestion is just this : Given the market that HEX, as an innovative technology which obsoletizes traditional CD’s, dares to claim and probably even exceed by far, it is not unreasonable to speculate that HEX could very well become #2 next to Bitcoin in the future.


What am I saying here? I’m saying in the future, we won’t be measuring different cryptos against each other in terms of their dollar values but rather in terms of their satoshi values, or bitcoin values. And I think HEX at that point will comprise anywhere in a range of 5%-15% the marketcap of bitcoin itself, for the value of HEX in terms of bitcoin will be such that it is as IF 5%-15% of the bitcoin marketcap was locked in HEX. Obviously HEX is its own currency, however what is it measured against? The answer can only be bitcoin. So if I want to know what the marketcap of HEX in bitcoin would be in 15 years, I just have to guess what the marketcap of BTC will be in 15 years. As aforementioned, BTC if would be $1,000,000 implies a marketcap of very roughly $18 Trillion. 5%-15% of $18 Trillion is $0.9 Trillion — $2.7 Trillion. How soon would Bitcoin be $1,000,000 though? Who knows. The time is the unknown variable, we already know the potential, the question isn’t how or what, is when. But I’d estimate less than 10 years. With HEX, stakes can be set for up to 15 years. Daresay Bitcoin could be valued at $10,000,000 in 15 years? That would be equal to roughly $180 Trillion.

Could it? Supposing it would for imagination’s sake, what would the marketcap in % of Bitcoin’s marketcap be the value of HEX? 5%-15% of $180 Trillion is $9 Trillion — $27 Trillion.

Conclusively the argument is clear, simply that HEX has the potential to fulfill an incredible demand for time-deposits in the near and distant future as slowly CD’s become antiquated and laughably inferior in terms of profitability versus the technologically superior alternative that is a crypto no one requires any permission to use and can be anyone, anywhere, anytime. Not only that, it also unlocks the capacity for absolutely everyone to come online and use a tool that does not discriminate against anyone. No accreditation required. No permission necessary. All you need is capital, a trustless contract, and patience, and now you have the ability to make time your friend.


UPDATE : Sunday, November 17th, 2019.
The time of the HEX snapshot has finally been announced!
Below is the official announcement quoting Richard Heart.

The snapshot will occur December 2nd at the first Bitcoin block mined after 00:00:00 UTC.
You must have access to the private keys to your Bitcoin address having a balance at that exact blockheight to be able to submit a claim after.
If you have a normal or segwit bitcoin address, you are very likely to be eligible to claim.

To read more about which addresses are eligible, please visit

The HEX contract will be targeted for launch at 00:00:00 UTC the next day after the snapshot.
You will have a day to gather up ETH and convert BTC into ETH to join the Adoption Amplifier on day 1.
This way you can both FreeClaim and then transform the BTC to ETH to transform into HEX via the AA system.
If you don’t already have BTC it’s very likely you will make much more HEX buying ETH to send to the AA system, than by buying BTC just to FreeClaim with it.

The math is here:

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 2.31.13 AM.png

Chat with 4,400 of us in HEX chat at

That’s it! Get ready! 2 weeks!

Use for my referral link to gain an extra 10% bonus on top of the Hex you buy!

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