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Stephen the Great was the lord of Moldavia between 1457 and 1504. He was the son of Bogdan II, reigning for 47 years, the longest reign of medieval times in the Romanian Lands.


He is considered a distinguished personality of Romania's history, endowed with great qualities by a state man, diplomat and military leader. These qualities allowed him to go well over the moments of major crisis generated by the military interventions of neighboring states or by attempts.

During his reign, Moldavia reaches the peak of its state development, knowing a long period of internal stability, economic prosperity and social peace.


During the reign he led over 40 wars or battles, majority being victories. The greatest military success represented the crushing victory in the Battle of Vaslui against a powerful Ottoman army.


Stephen the Great was a great supporter of the culture and the church, building a large number of monasteries and churches in Moldova, Wallachia and Transylvania.

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Mai fratilor , am patit si eu o treaba , am ajuns acasa fara o victorie si mama nu mi-a deschis usa , m-o trimis inapoi pe campul de batalie sa praduiesc inamicul si sa vin acasa victorios "satisfacut de victorie " sau sa nu vin deloc , oare exista o asemanare intre mine si Stefan ?

was a true leader

No, i never heard about Stephen the Great, i will do a search about him in Spanish!! thanks for sharing!

try for Dracula! it s more

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You wrote a excellent article. With my knowledge and searching at Mr Stephen is great leader who always care his people and lead front. Stephen love his culture and community. He is very socialized and motivation with his religion. Nice post and i appreciated. Keep it up

U should write about Dracula! It's more meaningful and for sure, more interesting:)

wow such a great leader leading from the front always

Stephen the Great was voivode (or prince) of Moldavia from 1457 to 1504.

i know about stephen the great.he was a great leader.the pioneer........

he is the greatest of them all

Thank you for giving us this information about Stephen the Great

He is one of the most important people in our history. Did you see my transfer to you?

wow he fought many battles over the time impressive qualities as a leader interesting !
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I'm not a fan of war but if it's for peace in the bigger picture, that's fine and your post tells this is what Stephen The Great did. Good post.

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