HEMP Soap Venture.

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I'm sharing what I’ve been up to in the entrepreneurial space lately. I recently launched my new brand, Enlightened Lifestyle Hemp Soap.

I’ve been busy to say the least.

I plan to share the behind the scenes and business journey on this platform.

Soap making is something I’ve been doing for about 5 years, off and on. This is my second business venture with it. I want to share this experience and what I am doing differently and why.

But for now, I thought I would just introduce my brand:

At this time, I am offering the Hemp Soap, in 3 different scents, as well as, handmade Cotton Washcloths, with plans to expand the product line in the future.


I hope you’re all doing well!


You can support me by following:

Facebook : @enlightenedlifestyle
Instagram: e_l_i_f_e_s_t_y_l_e

Website: www.enlightenedlifestyle.ca


Will they have me smelling all natural and stuff? I just don’t want stoners following me 😋😋 kidding

LOL .... No worries, it doesn't smell like pot ;)

LOL well that’s a relief! I’ve heard of feeling fresh as a daisy but not fresh as a doobie


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Its great to read what you have been up to..... looking forward to see your business blossom

How have you been?

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Hi! I'm doing great, hope all is well with you.
I will have lots to share on here with the progress of my business, thanks for your comment.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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