Formation of hemorrhoids

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In some families, constipation is more frequent due to the eating habits and constipation is one of the most important effects of hemorrhoids. Bad toilet habits like staying in the toilet for a long time are also common in some families. This relationship with nutrition is very high. The consumption of bitter, spicy foods is more common in some societies, resulting in a burning and pain sensation in the rectum and increases the risk of hemorrhoids by causing deflation during defecation.

There is a form of nutrition that must be followed to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, to prevent the progression of the hemorrhoids and to reduce the complaints caused by hemorrhoid disease. This is also referred to as the hemorrhoids or the basur diet. The foods here should be consumed and should not be consumed.

It is indisputable fact that hemorrhoid discomfort has a close relationship with eating habits. Genetic reasons are mentioned about hemorrhoid disease. However, the genetic predisposition in the body of family members is also due to the similar dietary habits of the family.

In the case of hemorrhoids, it is very important for the individual to make a hemorrhoid diet to prevent the disease from becoming more advanced. How to reduce the quality of life of a particular diet program to reduce the quality of the person to prevent hemorrhoids, this hemorrhoid diet should be applied in the name.

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