I'm Being Flagged! And I Don't Get Why!!!!

in #help3 years ago

Hello guys, this post is to address something that I have been experiencing in smoke.io. There is this guy named @indica which is a whale(I believe he is a whale) which has flagged me several times for no reason(and that is what I believe). I've been posting random posts and some of them are shit posts(most of them to be exact) but even so, I never plagiarized or spammed. I just don't get it. My posts aren't even political nor religious!

Like, he used to be cool with my inktober posts and gives me votes. Then one time, I posted a drawing of a character from a game named Sayori which has a story of suicide by hanging herself with a rope. Like, that post has no intention of harming anyone, Doki Doki Literature Club is a pop culture thing last year cause of how popular it was that time. What I drew was a MEME and its a harmless one. Right now, I'm trying to ask him why he flagged me by putting a comment on one of his posts. Actually I am not that concern with how he flags me in Smoke.io cause I barely gain anything from that site. I just fucking post for the sake of posting. Its only that my friend told me that I should try to address this issue cause of "its an issue" so that people will know.

For info these are the posts that had been flagged:


And this is the sayori post that he commented on:



I'm assuming he's smoking you on Smoke if your posts are not cannabis-related?

no... actually I really don't post cannabis related posts. the ones that he flagged are just random posts that I usually do. One is a meme and another is a rewritten old post. Like, I told about it to, ehem, eroded, and he said I should make a post about it. Personally, I think, the one flagging me is just misinformed, cause why would he hate me, I never talked to him. I've been okay there ever since I started using the site till recently. I just dont get it.

Well smoke is cannabis related community, so there are indeed users who post non-cannabis related content, especially if they're just random stuff. I have very little to say about cannabis, so I'm not active on smoke.

then get into Whaleshares.io ;)

BTW, indica replied, he said that my post was phedopile related thats why he flagged it. Im not really pissed or mad coz of that, I just find it funny LOL. God damn, the loli meme is a popular meme in the anime world.

Ah, pedophile content..
Well I had assumed it was a real reason but instead it was something like that.

Also why Whaleshares.io when I'm mostly focused on Steem? ;)

His comment on the Sayori post though.
There are arts way worse and more uhh... graphic than your Sayori pic but even then just let peeps draw. Hope this issue gets resolve somehow

I think he is just misinformed or maybe coz Im promoting WLS. Who knows, LOL.

I feel bad. I hope everything would be okay.

You do realize that the flags don't really harm your earnings? It barely chips off a few a cent from what you can make in a post. There's nothing to worry about here.

LOL, his flag is 17 smoke. my vote is just .10 smoke, XDDDDDDD.

I didn't consider that this was on smoke platform. Yeah, nothing you can do about it though.

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