I need your help (again)

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Hey there!

I want to create a (new) custom URL for my main youtube channel and have the little problem: I need just 4 new followers on https://www.youtube.com/aboutnorman

To fulfill the new requirements of 100 followers.

Can you help me with that dear steem army ? :P



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You got it

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Thank you!!

and done :D

Thanks a million bro!

Done, friend!

Thanks mate!!

Thanks a million dear friends!

Now I was able to make the change but still wiating for the execution by youtube.
Soon my new channel URL will be:



Yes brother done

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Thanks a lot!

Na das ging fix. Schon sinds 106;)

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Hihi danke :) Ja das ging wahrlich schnell thihi :)

Sorted :)


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this is just a test - since diytube dont have enough SKATE to tip this should result in nothing... we'll see

!SKATE1 yoyoyoyoooo

@diytube tipped 1 SKATE TOKENS for this post!