HELP! I Can't Reply To Some Steemit Posts

in help •  2 years ago

Above is a 1 min video of what is happening.

Basically I can only leave a reply to certain posts. The posts I am trying to respond to are not that old so I doubt it's time issue??

If you know please let me know in the comments below.

/The Shadow Broker

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Oh I was searching for that "Reply" button, that was in sneaky place. Well anyway thanks for the vid it helped :D

Not sure how familiar you are with the underlying technology running steemit, but a TL;DR will put you at the following: Only a certain amount of information is read/write, until a period of time has passed (the second payout, or 30 days), at which point the content is essentially read-only.

This is in my mind an unfortunate aspect of steemit, but with the current technology setup it's required to prevent ballooning of in-memory database calculations. I REALLY hope to see fixes for this in the future -- but for now, steemit blog content unfortunately has an interaction limit of a month.


Thank you so much for the explanation. That is extremely unfortunate and kind of makes the platform much less valuable in my mind.

Agree w the other post here --- the posts you are clicking on are too old to reply to

also you should know if you don't already -- comments section per reply is limited to 6 deep/reply - (nesting 6 deep)


UGH...thanks for the info. That's unfortunate...the comments are sometimes more insightful than the actual post. I hope they fix this massive flaw soon.


Many people have been saying the same thing so you are right on point. Welcome to Steemit and keep on steeming. Following you now.

Good post you made, I am not as savvy w the tech stuff as you seem to be but I muddle along lol

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