Grandmother's health update and a humble request

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Hello steemit family,

Here I am to give an update about my grandmother's health. After receiving your donations worth $766 usd or 39k php, our money was finally enough to put her in ICU. But as soon as she was transferred to the ICU, her health got even worse. Her heart started failing causing it to pump less and less by the minute, to a point where it can no longer provide enough oxygen for the body even with the help of the mechanical ventilation that is connected in her nostrils. The doctors said they had to insert the tube from her mouth up to her lungs to supply the oxygen directly, they only notified us after they have placed it inside her.

By the time we saw her, she was all bloody. Her hospital gown is bloody, her bed pad was bloody, her bed and pillow case are all bloody. We can clearly see the excruciating pain that she just experienced, my aunt wasn't able to control her emotions and went wild after she saw her sister all bloody with a very agonized face while I was just starring blankly, trying to comprehend what the h*** is happening, I thought I was still asleep and having a horrible nightmare but after a while it finally sinked in to me that it wasn't a nightmare, but reality. Tears flowed uncontrollably like a faucet that cant be turned off. I regretted putting her inside the ICU, I should've never agreed to put her inside. I thought after putting her inside her life would be saved and she would feel better, but that was a stupid wishful thinking of me. Now her condition is very very very critical, her heart, her lungs, her brain and now her kidney is starting to fail. Her creatinine level is now at 3 mg/dL, while the normal for her should only be 0.5 - 1.1 mg/dL, If it continues to rise up it will indicate that her kidney is likely to stop working and the toxins in her body would have no way of exiting her body causing her to get poisoned from inside.

Now when I visit her, she won't even respond no matter how loud I call out to her and no matter how I tickle her feet and ears unlike before whenever I call out to her she would smile slightly and raise her eye brows and will nod, also when I tickle her feet and ears she would try to kick my hand away. But now, no matter what I do, she won't respond. Her eyes are also kept closed, I haven't seen her eyes opened inside the ICU.
In my second visit, she was still so bloody. I saw her blood dripping out from her mouth. The nurse just placed a bed pad on her chest to catch the blood. It send shivers to my spine when I saw so much blood, is it really normal for it bleed so much? I'm sure that they hit something inside while inserting the tube into her lungs, why can't they be extra careful not to injure her even further. I thought they are trying to heal her, why are they killing her even more. This is really so hard, I wished I was a doctor. I could've taken care of her.

Taking picture inside the ICU was forbidden so this is my only picture of her inside. I took it before they told me that it was not allowed

Now, the bill is also killing us. our last balance was 34,129 php or 655.62 usd because we paid 50k php/960.50 usd for the downpayment so that she can get transferred to the ICU. but now, our bill in just a day sky rocketed to 83,275 php / 1599.71 usd.


This is only for a day, how much more will it rise in the following days. Oh God! my head is starting to hurt, from thinking how we can get through this. My dad and my aunt and relatives can't provide any more money because they are already empty. I can 't concentrate on my grandmother's recovery because of this money issue, our account is already closed and we are told to buy the medicine ourselves in their pharmacy which is still freaking expensive. This is really hard, I am so ashamed to ask for donations from you guys again because you have given us so much already, but it is still not enough and we have nowhere else to go. I will swallow my shame and ask for donations again, i know what i'm asking is very ridiculous but this is the only option that I can think of or can someone let me loan 1000 sbd? I promise to pay it in a year with interest. yes! this is really ridiculous, to ask for a loan in this manner but I am very desperate. This really taught me that our health is our wealth. we really need to take care of it.

I hope you guys can still support us. Thank you.

btc address: 3QRk61dbRrH6AznuYRdDzrq52TZvWLtAro

php address: 32Gc7mU5JP9JCGMKxpBxNXddE8rFX7kySL

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I'm in tears. Hoping that she'll recover soon enough by the help of Our Almighty God. I'll pray for her. Have Faith in Him, I know He will help your grandmother. 😢👆🙏

Upvoted fully and resteemed. I sent some SBD to help you, my friend. I hope you you will get through this and your grandma recovers.


thank you so much for helping us @darthnava, i really appreciate all the support. sana makarecover na siya.

Hoping for her speedy recovery bai 🙏


salamat bai!

Get well soon..


thanks a lot, i really hope so.

I know what I gave isn't much but I will continue praying for your grandma. I can't imagine how difficult your current situation is, stay strong.


thank you so much for the help man! I really appreciate it. thank you!

Get well soon


i really hope so @fahmisteem

Hope someone who has kind heart will help you bai. You have my prayers. Salig lang jud tas ginoo


thank you jud bai. mai lagi unta.

It's sad to hear about her current condition but nonetheless keep strong and have faith in God. May she continue fighting and may recover fast.
We will constantly pray for her.


thank you kaayo bai. luoy njud kau siya.

Hoping and praying for her recovery. Stay strong brother!


thank you very much brother. your prayer means so much

I am hoping and praying for her fast recovery @ted7. Let's trust the Lord.


thank you so much @jassennessaj, all we can do now is trust in God.

Will do my very best to help bai! 🙏🙏


salamat jud kaayo bai.

I am hoping for her fast recovery my friend @ted7. I may not have that amount but, may someone with a good heart help you.


thank you very much @japh. i really hope that she can still recover. i can feel that her foot is already in the grave :(

I love you nanay Godbless

Hi ! As a medical practitioner I wish to clarify something to you. I’m really sorry for what you are experiencing right now. I know how hard it is to see your grandma lying in a hospital bed barely breathing. But, the bleeding is not caused by the insertion of the tube, sure there might be a trauma that can injure the mucus but it won’t lead to severe bleeding. There might be underlying causes of such incident. I hope you’ll be able to get through this, seeing our loved one suffering is too painful to bear, if only we can close our eyes and skip such hideous event. Btw, I am working in the same institution.


when we asked the nurse and doctors, they said that her throat was wounded when they inserted the tube they cant even tell how big the wound is, but it clearly shows that the wound is big because shes bleeding so much. now we have to transfuse blood to her because she already lost too much blood.


I think there’s an underlying cause. A person wouldn’t bleed too much because of ett insertion. But the insertion perhaps triggered the bleeding.


maybe so :(

upvoted and resteemed. Praying for your Grandmother's fast recovery. God bless always and keep the faith. :)

Hope your grandmother get well soon
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kamusta na @ted7? I hope lola is doing better <3


thank you so much for your concern my friend. sadly, she didn't make it. :(. she passed away four days ago :'(


I'm so sorry @ted7. I was hoping she would get through it all. My deepest condolences to you and your family.