If you have only a small amount of steem you need a different strategy when upvote. You should upvote only some really good articles, and you should vote when it has only 1-4 votes. Also you should only vote for posts you think will get a ton of votes.
Read this guide:

But the best way to earn STEEM if you make good original content.

I hope it helps.

Thanks for the hint. But - stupid question - where is the upvote button? Take care, juergen

Under the comment you see an arrow pointing up, left from $0.00 . If you click on it you upvote the coment.

Got it. Thx again. ;-) That was quick @spiz0r

One more quick tip. You can check your account at with more detail:
Here you also can see "voting power" so you can check if it goes to low.
+1 If you have really few steam power, it might be a good idea to vote to your own comment. It might help in the long run.

I guess due to little Steem power...

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