I really need your help, I have no where else to go :(

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I really need your help, I don't want to ask I hate asking for help but I am stuck, I don't want donation just a vote and hopefully a resteem.


As you know I am disabled and housebound, I can't get out unless I have help and someone to drive me. I have a knee that doesn't work, I have had 9 operations, I have osteoarthritis, Fibromylagia, chronic pain, Diseased cartlidge, nerve damage and Asthma. I have been disabled for over 30 years struggling to everyday things but as I get older its getting harder to do simple things
Here is a picture of my disablilty blue badge.


I am having a lot of trouble getting in and out of the bath, my hubby has to help me in and out then I am in so much pain for hours after, we have a shower above the bath but its the same thing having to get over the bath and climb out again, then I have to stand but my knee is weak it won't let me. To save all the pain I now sit on the side of the bath and wash myself down with a flannel then through the day I have to use baby wipes to freshen myself up.
My bathroom is really small, bath sink and toilet with a little room to turn around.


I need my bathroom changing, the bath needs removing to be replaced with something like this below:

I would love to be able to get in and out of the shower by myself, be able to shower as much as I want without being in so much pain afterwards. To have some privacy and t actually feel clean again would be amazing, this would make my life so much easier and give me some independence back as I hate having to ask my hubby to help me in and out then hold the shower above my head whilst I try and shower myself.


I am not asking for donations, please do not donate. I have never asked for anything as I hate asking, writing this is making me feel sick as I am putting my life on here. I need votes and resteem then hopefully I can earn a little extra to put towards a brand new bathroom. All I want is to be able to have some privacy to myself and feel better about myself.
I hate having to ask for help but I have no one else to ask.

I hope I don't offend anyone with this

Thank you son-of-satire

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Thank you :)

God bless and satisfy you. Amen!

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Love being able to use my dolphin power for good when I see fit :-) Happy to add couple bucks to this post. Good luck with this endeavor.

Thank you I appreciate it :)

My pleasure!

Good post. Creative and well spoken of your need and request. Done in good taste and promotes a feeling of good will and wishes among readers. Will continue to follow post.

Thank you so much and thanks for your kind words :)

Upvoted 100% and resteemed-- hope you get plenty of responses to your appeal!

To EVERYONE: Please remember that you can also upvote any (and all!) of Karen's replies on this post to add some extra value to this post... a few pennies from a LOT of people can go a long way!

(Upvoting myself ONLY for the purposes of sticking this comment near the top so people will see it!)

Thank you so much, I am overwhelmed with this, amazed but so happy I can see my life improving sooner that I thought possible :)


Thank you I really appreciate it :)

And we appreciate you. I'll go upvote your older posts too.

Thank you. I can't Thank you all enough. I'm overwhelmed :)

@papa-pepper is a hero, proof yet again!

You really are a good man papa, you never think twice about helping out those in need... You were just there when my fellow countryman @darthnava asked for help. Steem on!

:) great

Thank you :)

Very honorable and VERY well said. I hope MANY follow your mobile example!
Bless you~*~

I wish you good luck ;) It is completely okay what you wrote, you are not a beggar and the article is also interesting to read. I think a lot of people do not understand what it means to have such problems in his / her life. Wish you the best and denmarkguy, thank you for the nice post. Everybody should be that positive and the world would be better ;)

Thank you so much I appreciate that :)

Thanks for the info will do

Done. Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thank you :)

I knew that you had some physical problems but I didn't know that it was that bad. So sorry! I've given you. 100% upvote and I hope that you get what you need!

I really appreciate your help Thank you, some days are better than others but being able to relax in the shower sitting down will be an amazing help :)

Yea old dog to re rescue!!!

I wish you all the luck. 100% upvoted and will resteem.

Thank you very much :)

Done! I hope that you attract enough votes with this and your future posts.

Thank you, I really appreciate the help :)

Great Job Brother!
You set a great example!

The full vote + resteem. It's not much, but I'm glad to help. Good luck!

I appreciate your help, thank you so much :)

@karenb54, I owe you so much more than 100% upvote and resteem, but that's all I have for now. I will resteem shortly, and I hope this post spreads like wildfire. We love you!

Ah thank you so much, I really appreciate it and love you all too :)

Upvoted, best of luck to you 💓💓💓🐻

Thank you so much :)

I'm happy as you with all these response; I am overwhelmed, I'm happy with you. In fact,I celebrate you.Trillion thanks to all steemians.

Thank you :)

Voted, dear, at @92% power which is all I have at the moment... and which includes @merej99's temporarily delegated 5000 SP... ;)

Also trying to Re-Steem... (may have to refresh the page...)



Thank you my friend, I feel really bad for asking, I'll make sure I work extra hard on here to help others. :)

Karen, no worries... I'm glad to see that the community is rallying around to help, and I hope you can get that bath upgrade that you need really soon! :D

I can't wait to feel clean and refreshed again, Thank you so much :)

I love you @creatr
You are blessed~*~

Thanks for the kind words, friend @quinneaker.

You are a blessed being sharing the blessings~*~

Upvoted and resteemed. God bless.

I appreciate your help, thank you :)

Voted Karen hope you get sorted for what you need! Resteemd to get maximum audiance! ;)

Thank you, I really appreciate your help :)

No problem :)

You are an example.
Bless you~*~

Good luck to you! I know a bathroom can make or break how you feel about yourself. I recently remodeled mine and Steemed it. Upvoted and followed. Best wishes to you and your family.

Thank you, its a nightmare at the minute wanting to do a simple thing and take a bath but it nearly kills me. Thanks again :)

I upvoted & RS'd... also hit discordia & randowhale to try to boost your earnings. I'd be happy to give a donation, if you'll take it. I live on what I make on here, but would be happy to help!

Thank you for the vote and resteem that is all I need thank you but thank you so much for the offer, :)

Don't get mad but I sent you $50 too (just don't tell anybody!) You can help me someday!

OMG you really shouldn't, I hate taking money off anyone. You are so kind, I will pay you back and that's a promise, Thank you so much :)

I tried to write my way out of trouble... I know how hard it is. Just get your bath and enjoy it and that will be payment enough!

Thank you so much. I promise I will repay the favour, your name is on my list lol I'll not forget :)

You don't owe me anything... If you want to pay me back, just give me an upvote and resteem every once in awhile!

I most certainly will, I'll stalk your page :)

Karen of course we are here to help! Upvoted at 100% allthough even that is not much. Please consider taking donations I would love to help even if it's just a few steem. Take care 😘

Thank you so much, hun this was hard enough having to write this I really don't want donations as I think I am asking for enough but thank you so much :)

You got my upvote. Wish it were more.

Every little bit helps, thank you so much :)

Upvoted. Saw the post from @dumar022's resteem. Best of luck to you. I don't see how this post could be offensive to anyone. If they are offended, they have no heart. This is one of the best things about this platform, and in my experience, most Steemians are happy and eager to help a fellow user on the platform...and to help people in general, I guess.

I know it isn't easy to just write a post about something like this, so I commend you on that, as well. I hope you're able to get that bathroom. You deserve it.

Again, best of luck to you. Blessings and light your way.

Thank you, I was in tears writing it as I felt as if I had let myself down. It was really scary pushing the post button. Everyone has been amazing, I will repay all the kindness once I am sorted. Thank you :)

Upvoted your post and comments- and resteemed as well- hope that you get the assistance that you need.

"From what I've seen, it isn't so much the act of asking that paralyzes us--it's what lies beneath: the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of rejection, the fear of looking needy or weak. The fear of being seen as a burdensome member of the community instead of a productive one.
It points, fundamentally, to our separation from one another.”
― Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

I highly recommend checking out the Art of Asking, and commend you for putting yourself out there. May you receive all the help you need, and more <3 Namaste

Thank you and you are so right. I wouldnt wish this on anyone :)

You have made a very dear friend @ karenb54 in requesting help. Have a lot of faith soon everything will be solved, you will see.
you have a good night

Thank you my dear friend, this wasnt easy to do it m made me feel sick. Thank you :)

I am sorry to hear about your situation. I will also resteem your post, hopefully you will recieve the help you need and get your much needed privacy. 👍

Thank you so much for your help :)

No problem!

Thank you so much :)

I have resteemed, tomorrow I will upvoted because you can have a few more cents. Sorry I am a small fish I can not do much.

The resteem is amazing and I really appreciate that :)

upvoted :D as promised

Thank you :)

Best wishes to you!

Thank you so much :)

This is a great post. In truth you should be proud.
You are being honest and straight forward. If steemit is not for this what is it for??
I have been upvoting your posts long before I heard this. I know you are a good person and I wish you the best.

Thank you. It was so hard to write but even harder to post. I hate asking for help. I'm amazed at how kind people have been. Thanks again :)

I feel you, though as I said its actually a great sign of honesty and faith in our community and as you can see that is the response!
Grateful you went out on a limb and faced some fear for the greater good!
I wish you the best~*~

Thank you. I am overwhelmed with it I never ever thought so many would help. :)

You are blessed!

I am overwhelmed :)

Overwhelmed with love and support!
Thats the great kind of overwhelment!

Its amazing :)

I will upvote and resteem, but it will cost you.

Nothing comes for free in this world.

In return for my $1.00 upvote, you are required to make videos featuring your lovely Geordie accent and post them on Steemit. ;-)

Go on, give us a giggle (and yourself as well). You know you want to ;-)

You are really mad lol I will make a video of my new bathroom, day by day post of what;s happening, you will be sick of my accent by the time I have finished :)

Maybe. There's only one way to find out though ;-)

There's a video post further down were I talk more, that might be enough lol

Shall i join you Karen with an impersonated essex accent as well? We'll have a laugh ;)
Make sure all have had a bath?

That would be fun :)

Resteemed! I hope this helps. I know what it's like to be house bound and disabled myself. Doctors bills are sucking the life I have left out of me! I hope you are able to eventually enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath in your new tub :D

Its become a dream, haven't had one for ages, thank you so much. I hope you get the help you need :)

Upvoting doesn´t hurt :-)

Its a massive help Thank you :)

upvoted and resteemed, hopefully, you can get the money to redo your bathroom

Thank you so much :) I hate having to ask.

It's totally fine. You gotta do what you gotta do.

upvoted and resteemed, i hope you get the help you need.

Thank you so much :)

I understand where you are coming from. We are in a similar situation ourselves. I have given a 100% upvote and a resteem.

Thank you so much, I promise to help out once I am sorted :)

100% upvote from me, wish it was higher but I do hope more people will help you out this way!

Thank you, every little bit helps and I really appreciate it :)

done , voted :)

Thank you :)

up voted! A worthy cause! I hope it works out for you and I wish you well!

Thank you so much :)

This is honest and noble post. You don't ask for donations, you want upvotes and I would do the same. I don't have problems as you, I'm just little bit bumpy and can't turn my neck left or right for already 10 years. I fight my ankylosis spondylitis my own way, since medications made things even worse. I hope that you will renew your bathroom and I gave you 100% upvote (not much but i vote with 15 usually) and resteemed your post as you asked! Be positive and look forward!

Thank you so much, every little bit helps and I really appreciate it. I hope you get the help you need too :)

You wanna try turmeric tea or capsules? it helps with arthritis..maybe it can help you too?

Karen. Best of success with this. Doing my little part to help. Cheers!

Thank you so much, means alot :)