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in help •  last year

So I've driven myself insane trying to fix this washer everything works as it should it fills, it agitates, it rinses and drains, but it won't spin at high speed leaving the clothes saturated with gallons of water. I have watched countless YouTube videos and cleaned the pump, reset the electric motor, cleaned and adjusted the pneumatic switch all with no luck. There is physically nothing wrong that I can see the belts and drive are all good it just won't engage the high speed spin. If you have an idea to try leave a comment below.



Please upvote I might have to buy a new one and I'm flat broke.

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Oh I've been there before with washing machines. I cannot think of anything that you have not mentioned. Hopefully my little three cent upvote will cover the cost of one screw in your new washing machine :-)

More than likely the board that activates the motor overspeed (rinse/dry cycle ) is bad or a wire that goes from there to motor.

Good luck, will follow. Please do same. Steemit!


That's what I was thinking it has to be a computer thing and I have done the factory reset without results.