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I comb the "new" posts very regularly, to look for interesting new posts to read or find newcomers that I might be able to help a little. I came upon a very unusual post. This person had only a (6) next to his name - which I have never come across before. In his post he was calling out for all his old friends to respond and say hello back. Feeling sort of sorry for the lonely fellow, I just commented "Hi".

Later on, I thought about going back to ask the person how they got into that situation. That's when Cheetah popped up. I was so surprised to see the robot, because I haven't seen it for a long time. Cheetah warned for me to be very careful, as this person has been spotted as a plagiarizer. It was something new to learn and to be careful about. So I wanted to pass this caution on to you. If you see someone with a low number next to their name, it might be an alert for you to stay away.

I'm glad I found this out. And I appreciate that Cheetah was there to help me.

Please be careful, heed the warning.
Otherwise, have a happy Steemit day.


Thanks for the info, I sow something similar yesterday with a person with a (2) next to his name. Did not understand how that came about.

Thanks for the comment.
All the best.

As a newebie I want to thank you

Thank you for commenting.
There's a lot of things to learn around here, and the information changes often.
All the best.

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