🌹 get 45 upvotes and raise your rank 🌹

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help for new streamers

Beginners in steem need to raise their rank and power of vote to reach this goal, they need a lot of upvotes.
We have a friendship team that helps them.
You can receive bis 45 upvotes and raise your rank by doing following instructions.

A- share this post in your page (re-blog) and I will give you up to 25 upvotes, (depends on your followers).
B- follow @iraniran I will give you 10 upvotes.
C- upvote this post and get 5 upvotes
D- read my previous posts send me comments about them and get 5 upvotes.
🏆if you did above (A, B, C or D), to receive upvotes send me a comment.


welcome to our team

future is yours


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Hola te seguí, vote, reestimee y te comente.. Espero su ayuda

very nice