How can i get out of Smartsteem voting?

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Hey guys, can anyone help?
I want to get out of smartsteem voting thing, i logged in, but i cant see how i can cancel my power there?

Can anyone help?


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BTW Alla in case you aren't aware everyone is moving to Hive xD.

yeah i heard, im slightly confussed how this all works

yeah i heard, im slightly confussed how this all works

If you're using steempeak you can go to

Click on the Authorities tab and remove all connections to your account simply by clicking the X

If you want to remove your delegations you should use and click on delegations and click the x

You'll still get your HIVE airdrop too :) Sell them both, do whatever, YOLO

let me try that :)) thank you!

it says i dont have any delegations. but i do?

That’s weird I can see in steem world you have two delegations

wait, i did it!!1 i clicked on the outgoing tab!! thank you! all done!

Check out going tab

wait , so i removed them, and what now? my account is still showing i am giving it away?

It will take 5 days for your delegation to come back into your account then it’s yours to do with as you please

ooh wow really 5 days? bloody hell!! ok so not much i can do now then! also i saw steem and sbd isnt working on exchange right now?

Yes blocktrades is releasing an update so you can’t do instant trades for steem or SBD for BTC or ETH! If you want to sell you can use huobi or Binance and send it their and create a sell order and get BTC!

ooh gosh sounds a bit complicated, do you think it will be back on bittrex soon or its down for a while? also when i power down, all my power goes back into steem right at the top? and then i can trade it for btc ? also how long will all powering down take? thanks so much for all your help btw!

just checked binance is also down on steem and sbd!! :( hmmm

Try adding steem keychain to your browser and then adding your keys and try cancelling that way I think steemconnect is no longer working as it’s moved to HIVE

i dont know what you mean, how to do it?

It’s a chrome extension you can download just google steem keychain