Why Steemit is not working?

in help •  last year

Does anyone knows what is happening with Steem, I had, like 7 firiends who tried to create an account and is imposible.


They are still waiting for more than 2 months, I know that you can create it on Anon Steem, but my question is:

Steemit stoped to be free?

Anon Steem is reliable?


I do not know what to do, I really love Steemit and want to involve more people into it. I really hope some one can give us some light

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There are no issues towards creating account on steemit. What sort of issues you are facing.?


Thanks for contact me, well the thing is that I helped my friends to create their account but that have not received the email of confirmation. I even as a test I created another account with a different email. And the same nothing. It has been more than one month since that. Do you have any clue, or we justo have to start using Anom Steem? :(

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