HelloEOS’ Position on Dividends and its Stance on BP Independence

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The HelloEOS team has previously declared, through “The HelloEOS BP Constitution” and “An Open Letter to the Global EOS Community from HelloEOS”, that the basic principle underlying our work is the persistence of independence. In addition, we will never make any types of dividend promise to the voters or reach any interest-based alliance agreement with them. In this declaration, we would like to restate to the public about HelloEOS’ work ethics and attitudes towards the aforementioned two aspects.

Objection to the idea of dividend

HelloEOS will neither promise any types of dividend nor enter into an alliance with some voters. We strongly object to introducing the idea of dividend in the EOS community. We believe that it’s extremely unfair to use dividend to attract voters. Also, it’s the simplest and the most inefficient way to manage the node revenue.

In terms of how to attract more votes, HelloEOS identifies three key elements. (a) We will build up and extend our technical strengths on node maintenance and the development of EOS. (b) We will work with all parties to set up a quality professional community for pioneer EOS developers and faithful enthusiasts. (c) We will take on the role of incubator to nurture outstanding EOS Dapp projects and contribute to the EOS ecosystem. We believe that the real, meaningful rewards for the voters are a long-range vision which takes account of the overall interests of the greater EOS community and focuses on how to expand the EOS ecosystem with practical strategies.

In terms of how to spend the node revenue, HelloEOS identifies three major areas. (a) A majority portion of the revenue will be invested in Dapp project incubation and the capacity-building of excellent project teams to enrich the EOS ecosystem. (b) Some portion will be spend in the promotional activities to advocate the concept of EOS and encourage more people to participate in EOS’ ecosystem construction with a better understanding. (c) The rest will be used to motivate more people to vote and get more EOS token holders involved in community governance to ensure governance parity.

Adherence to the principle of independence

The basic principle that HelloEOS works on is the persistence of independence. We believe that block producer (BP) should adopt an appropriate, long-term and sustainable development approach, maintain absolute independence and not be manipulated by a small number of people. We will keep on our independence from the investors, the voters and the other BPs, in order to ensure that our conduct would not be influenced or manipulated by external factors. Our primary aim is to protect the ecosystem interests in the EOS community.

Firstly, HelloEOS always takes a prudent attitude towards investors. We will never work with the investors who: (a) have already invested in the other BPs; (b) are the stakeholders of the exchanges; and (c) may have an impure motive or hold different values from ours. In addition, we are in a relatively stronger position to uphold our working principles and strategic directions related to the nodes, and our investors may not have the right to intervene on these issues.

Secondly, HelloEOS will be absolutely independent from the other BPs. We will never be bound together with the other BPs to share business interests, nor do we interfere in each other’s affairs. Under this principle we welcome with open arms those cooperation proposals that would benefit the ecosystem development in the EOS community. For instance, the two parties could co-sponsor or co-organize activities for the developers, and jointly develop or incubate Dapps.

Thirdly, HelloEOS will be absolutely independent from the voters. As we previously mentioned in the section explaining the reasons why we’re against the idea of dividend, we neither make any dividend promise nor form an alliance with the voters. That’s our bottom line. In respect of demonstrating our independence to the voters, we will not make any intentional announcement. Our strategy is to create and sustain a highly transparent relationship with the public. We will release the detailed information on our team members, the operating status of the nodes, our work plan and achievements as well as the budget. We warmly welcome the public oversight across the community.

HelloEOS BP candidate node official website:https://www.helloeos.com.cn
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