Natural remedies for pain.

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1.Wintergreen essential oil - also a natural remedy for pain killers, Wintergreen essential oil contains methyl salicylate at a rate of 85-99%, the same component found in aspirin.

2.Aquamin - derived from red seaweed, Aquamin is also a powerful remedy for pain relief. In a study published in Nutrition Journal, 70 volunteers, patients taking Aquamin they have reduced the pain of arthritis by 20% in a month and they have found less stiffness than patients taking placebo in. Contributing to reducing inflammation and helping to develop bones, Aquamin is rich in both calcium and magnesium.

3.Bromelain - This adjuvant natural pain-relieving strain comes from enzymes present in pineapple. Research shows that it reduces levels of prostaglandins, hormones that induce inflammation that is. Bromelain may benefit people with arthritis and conditions marked by musculoskeletal tension in addition to the suffering trauma inflammatory. The enzyme also promotes healing of muscles and connective tissues.

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so do you need this stuff separately or are they effective as parts of the whole? like do you need a pineapple extract, or would just eating pineapple get the job done?