5 daily habits have changed my life!!

in hello •  2 years ago

1.I wake up early: I'm a big fan of awakening to 6 a.m. The time for myself before I start work.

2.Read and / or listen to inspirational / from which I learned: morning, in front of a full day of unlimited possibilities. Choose head and let the candy crash saga ... others.

3.Smiling. You've probably heard about the importance of smile, but - as they say - "Often, common sense is an uncommon virtue." I try to smile all day. It seems that not only make me happier, but it can bring a smile to others and opens the door for conversations with people I have not spoken before.

4.I have healthy snacks: I have replaced chips, candy and chocolate with fruit, vegetables (carrots and celery are great to chew) and nuts / almonds.

5.Spend time with family: I think it is important to be present in most evenings. Time spent with family is about quantity and quality.

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