Hello Steemians, I am an Alien that is studying Human behaviour.

in #hello7 years ago (edited)

I have been sent to this planet which you wrongly call Earth, when in fact it is Eart.

Studying your behaviour for many years is really made me confused, sad, happy…. everything you all call feelings or emotions or more recently some of you younger Eart dwellers just call ‘feels’.

I’ve been hanging out in a rapidly devolving human skin sack for around 38 years now but every so often I am teleported back to my superiors to give a report.

I live all over Eart and can transport myself anywhere in just 0.03 seconds, so I don’t collect Airpoints or Airmiles in fact don’t even go near Airports…why would I…waste of my time.

For some odd reason my superiors decided to send me here as a human/alien, and yes I have a human spouse and we're legally in many of Eart’s countries married. Did they do this to me as a joke or a test of my nerves, it’s OK…no it’s great, and I love my life here on Eart and my human spouse.

Occasionally I need to eat, not too often only every 34 .54 seconds, yet strangely I maintain a slim human style figure.
Maybe it’s the diet.

I used to mostly shout out on Twitter @pqlenator, but I think I’m gonna like this better.

Oops gotta go my boss is signalling that I’m due to report again, damn... right in the middle of sex again why can’t they wait another 14 hours.


i enjoyed the entire thing. glad to have you among us. I think I may be alien as well but just havent been informed yet. would explain alot. huge love to you. If there is any way I could get in on the teleportation abilities I would be forever greatful. xx followed and upvoted. ;)

THx a ton. Unfortunately humans wont be able to teleport for 496.34 years and the tech we aliens use is not stable for human use.

this is one of my latest songs

I like this, I'll listen to more too.

Welcome to Steemit!
Hope you get to enjoy wonderful human company here.

Thx, in this changing world (the temperature is rising) good Human company is great, and I have found my perfect company.

I am giving you heads up right now, you study results are going to freak you out. but nonetheless, welcome to steemit

You are right, been here many years...scary what Humans do to each other, and the planet. Thx for the welcome.

there's a great twilight zone about this, I think it is called baker street

I have made several reports to my superior, Eart is still not quite ready for our purpose. ..Many more of us have been dispatched to prepare and make way for the transformation Humanity should not be afraid....or maybe a little.

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