I Joined Steemit.

in #hello3 years ago

I joined Steemit, now what?

Why am I here?

I joined the Steemit or Steempeak to help a friend. for weeks he has being going on about I should join and write this or do that post a something about anything. STFU I joined already!
I understand the write part and vote part. Where the money comes from is over my head.

What I will do here?

No bloody idea ha. I am not a poet or story teller a musician or artist of any kind. I am just an average family man making his way in the world.

Following instructions.

After making my account a few week's ago and being bludgeoned to deafness by words. make a post make a post. then to make a post. I made a post!

this feels like being dragged into some cult. you only need to do this, now do this now this. haha.
If ever a sacrifice is mentioned I am out of here.


whats next?

yes keep going

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