Steem Hedge Update

in #hedge2 years ago (edited)

It's been over 24 hours since the launch of Steem Hedge and it's already up to 0.00512 in price from it's low of 0.0001. 90,000/100,000 tokens were placed on the market at increasing prices every 2500. When a large portion of the tokens are sold, we have something planned for the holders. We will not have staking because we prefer the liquidity but token burning is planned, how we will implement it is yet to be determined.

Another thing we were thinking about was tying it to steempower and do an upvote lottery of sorts where holding HEDGE would grant 10 people a full upvote everyday. That would possibly be implement when our steempower is high enough.

You can check out HEDGE at

Also we are also giving away a total of 10,000 tokens. If you would like some, leave a comment below!



Not many comments here.... so here's mine!

Good luck with it. But how do you hold the value up as the price points increase?