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SAPATOS in English Shoes, the shoes is an apparel or footwear. These include de Goma or those with heels. For women, usually, there are high or low-heeled. The formal shoes are made of leather. The shoes have different varieties. Different sizes, different designs. The shoes protect our feet. He protects our feet by avoiding us treading things that can hurt our feet and also avoid the burning heat of the soil and cement. Shoes are important to everyday people especially to those who work and always outdoors.

This is my own shot with my vivo v7 plus smartphone

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Hello, thank you! I have moved your topic to shoe. When you are talking about things that also have an English translation and you are writing in English, please use the English topic names instead of local languages.

ok sir @ercu thank you for the correction :) :)

hi there, @juviomaycaluma, your entry in hede is good but take care with your spelling, in Spanish, shoes is zapatos with Z.
Grettings :)

Thank you for the comment dear @carlagonz. Sapatos is the Tagalog / Filipino word :) :)