The Historical Jesus the Nazarene .... Yeshu ha Notzri

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Learn some Hebrew and Aramaic and you can read all kinds of very interesting and detailed stories about Jesus in early Hebrew texts from the 1st century.

In Hebrew Jesus is called Yeshu ha Notzri.

Talmud Sanhedrin 43a

" It is taught: On the eve of Passover they hung Yeshu and the crier went forth for forty days beforehand declaring that "Yeshu is going to be stoned for practicing witchcraft, for enticing and leading Israel astray. Anyone who knows something to clear him should come forth and exonerate him." But no one had anything exonerating for him and they hung him on the eve of Passover. Ulla said: Would one think that we should look for exonerating evidence for him? He was an enticer and G-d said (Deuteronomy 13:9) "Show him no pity or compassion, and do not shield him." Yeshu was different because he was close to the government. [Royal Family, Branch /Netzer of King David] "


Yeshu ha Notzri : The references to Notzrim in the Babylonian Talmud are related to the meaning and person of Yeshu Ha Notzri ("Jesus the Nazarene") in the Talmud and Tosefta. This includes passages in the Babylonian Talmud such as Sanhedrin 107b which states "Jesus the Nazarene practiced magic and led Israel astray" The Jerusalem Talmud contains other coded references to Jesus such as "Jesus ben Pantera," (Pandera means Betrayer*) while the references using the term notzri are restricted to the Babylon Talmud.

Notzri" (נוצרי) from the Hebrew NTzR = Branch Ne·tzer

ne·tser (נֵ֫צֶר, n-ts-r), pronounced nay'·tser, meaning "branch", "flower", or "offshoot". Derived from na·tsar. Jerome (c. 347 – 420) linked "Nazarene" to a verse in the Book of Isaiah, claiming that "Nazarene" was the Hebrew reading of a word scholars read as ne·tzer (branch).The text from Isaiah is: There shall come forth a rod from the stem of Jesse, And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

ve·ya·tza cho·ter mig·ge·za yi·shai ve·ne·tzer mi·sha·ra·shav yif·reh.

In ancient Hebrew texts, vowels were not indicated, so a wider variety of readings was possible in Jerome's time. Here branch/Nazarene is metaphorically "descendant" (of Jesse, father of King David). Eusebius, a 4th-century Christian polemicist, also argued that Isaiah was the source of "Nazarene." This prophecy by Isaiah was extremely popular in New Testament times and is also referred to in Romans and Revelation

Isaiah 11:1.

And a shoot shall spring forth from the stem of Jesse, and a twig shall sprout from his roots. אוְיָצָ֥א חֹ֖טֶר מִגֶּ֣זַע יִשָׁ֑י וְנֵ֖צֶר מִשָּֽׁרָשָׁ֥יו יִפְרֶֽה:

נֵ֖צֶר ..... NTzR ..... Twig , branch, Netzer ..... NaTzorean


חוֹטֶר, נֵצֶר, צֶאֱצָא

צֶאֱצָא, נֵצֶר

נֵצֶר, חוֹטֶר, חוֹטֶר, שָׂרִיג, זַלזַל, זֶרֶד

צֶאֱצָאִים, זֶרַע, נֵצֶר, תוֹלָדָה, פְּרִי, פְּרִי בֶּטֶן

שְׁלוּחָה, נֵצֶר, חוֹטֶר

נֶבֶט, נֶבֶג, נִבִיטָה, לִבלוּב, נֵצֶר, עָנָף

עָנָף, זַלזַל, נֵצֶר, זֶרֶד, עֶלֶם



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