The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 1 - Part 7

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Welcome back to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter. Old manuscripts also usually have vowels marked.

This week's reading is from Genesis 1:13 onward.

Talking about light, night, and the reasons for which each was created.


  1. Signs
  2. Appointed times that we are to, set apart, remember, be with Him.
  3. Days
  4. Years

The last two everyone knows about. The first two have been twisted.

Signs; Warnings and great events that we should see coming. For example: The star of Bethlehem which was like a street sign warning of a cliff or upcoming rest stop. These tell of good things to come and bad things to come. The star over the house of bread, or Beyt Lekhem, announced the birth of the bread of life, otherwise known as the Mashiach (Messiah) - a word which simply means "anointed one."

Appointed times; I like to call them appointments with God himself. Some are to be celebrated, and others are to remember something significant that the Almighty has done. Example(s): Shabuote/Pentecost which occur on the same day. YHVH gave the Torah (the instruction manual of life) on that day. Tousands of years later, He gave the Counselor who leads us to all understanding. Yes, the eleven disciples knew that the Ruah (Spirit) came upon them on Shabuote. They were at the temple for that particular appointed time.

Interesting that Alef-tov reads "ote" which is the word for "letter" or "sign". Number 1 above is the plural of that feminine word "Ote-Ote" or "signs". Feminine plurals end in "tav" and masculine plurals end in "mem"

What's more. There were no Jews (sons of Judah) when the Holidays (Holy Days) to God were ordained.

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Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

I prefer to sit next to the scroll of His loving instructions on shabbat

Shabbat Shalom


Thank you. Shabbat Shalom

Well described. Another great lesson from you in this wonderful crypto time!

Shabbat Shalom~

A great lesson, my friend and every time I learn more about Hebrew, which is an ancient and beautiful language! Thank you @hebrew for your work!

I love looking at these different scripts that people from the past have been writing about their culture and the system how everything worked.....and these language are still being used as each language has something some different pinch in itself to see it...

I am still reading through the Tanakh day by day, but it's nice to come back to the beginning and read slowly for new learners.

You seem to be books lover .

always you teach us something dear. god bless you.
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i know something from here, thanks for share.
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good learning post dear, thanks for share.
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Signs; Warnings and great events that we should see coming...

Nicely said!

כל הכבוד! יישר כוח👍🙏

It's amazing to finally see your messages and teachings on dtube, signs were used in the bible a lot, just like the tearing of veil during the death of Jesus.
I'm really amazed at Alef-tov, I do not the femininism and the masculinity also have different way they are written, I guess I've learnt this one.

Hiii @hebrew / Shabbat Shalom, always like and glad to see your post and try to comment & Upvote on your article just to appreciate and support you for your effort you doing to create and aware the language of hebrew here on steemit. so many peoples learnt the lessons about it and so many like me who did not no much about this ancient and historical language now much aware about it. Its all due to your passion and teaching style. May you live long and take care.

You are right, there are signs all over. I can clearly see it. Everyone else as well, as long as they are willing to see.

Prophecy is one of my passions. I really try to limit what I write here to language learning, but the depth of prophecy is mind boggling. One prophecy is that "knowledge would abound" in the last days (of this age). Recently a Hebrew manuscript was discovered as they continue to digitize the vaults of the Vatican. One page of Revelation (Hazon) was found in the "junk box" and a scholar read it and translated part of 1:18 .. and I have in my hands the nails of sheol and death. A bit different from most readings of that passage. It would make sense, that he has the nails in his hands rather than keys.

I am really happy that knowledge is abounding!

I prey as much as I possibly can, perhaps until the end of time and beyond. Many nonbelievers will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase, that’s for sure.

nice to see you back brother this is great initiative love to see your effort brother.

Well, since i have followed you my cultural understanding about the Hebrew language is touching the peak. Although i have understood a few basics of this ancient language, but credit goes to your efforts.

Being a student of Cultural studies i am really thankful to you for this wonderful and interactive session for all the Hebrew learners.

Peace to you @hebrew :)

I am glad your are reading and supporting my blog. It is much appreciated. Thank you.

It was a very fluent vlog. I just found you. And after that I will be one of the most strict followers. I'm sure that. Maybe you will see my comment. Very good, sir.upvt @restm done

I go through my comments giving a better reward to those who support my blog with any kind of vote. Thank you. I read most of them that don't contain the word amazing, if you know what I mean on that one.

Welcome - if you go back to the beginning of my blog, you can learn the letters, sounds then how to read Hebrew. The lessons are short.

Another great Lesson. This is very interesting about the signs.


Another wonderful piece you have here.
I really want to appreciate you for taking out time to always upvote my post. My the God you serve keep you and your family for us.

Happy sabath!

I do actually visit blogs of my supporters. I cannot always do it every day, but I try. Thanks for stopping in, you never miss one!

Oh @hebrew!
How nice of you sir to go round everyone's blog that visits your post, you are a good and blessed man indeed, please keep up the good work.

Great Lesson again Sir!
It's really an honor for us to learn from you sir!
I was waiting for your post!
you are posting after 9 days!

really love to see this sir @hebrew
this is very defrent language . parsonaly i am happy to larn about hebrew
thanks for Genesis 1 - Part 7hebreww.PNG

everyone should know about there language...
@hebrew is most popular & ancient one..
thanks for your such informative post dear..
I am always with you

A great post my friend @hebrew
i wii be all time waiting your post
we love your post...thanks for share

I am happy to make them. Supporting #DTube as a better alternative to other video platforms is another goal of mine. I am glad you liked it.

i first read your post. just like an teacher.
thanks, i teach something from here. i can express something about hebrew.
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Dear Sir @hebrew, trust me, i'm always glad to you. You are amazing man. i always try to lear somthing new from your blog.
thanks for the great share.
i'm always with you.

My ancestor language i like it but cant speak but here i can fly with my efforts efficiently with my fond

Dear Sir, @Hebrew you influencing us to learn something New & Beautiful. Thank you so much for that.

Learning some Hebrew Signs:
Emergency-Yeh tsee aht'
Exit-'Hey room
Stop!-Ah tsohr'
Hospital-Beit 'Holim
School-Beit Seh' fehr
Danger! Landslide-Sah kah mah' Ma poh' leht

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Great lesson as always!
was eagerly waiting for it!

Thank you so much Dear @Hebrew for this knowledge. After reading your post i search for more information about Hebrew Language & i found this information. I hope you like it.

Hebrew at a glance:
Native name: עברית [ʔivˈʁit / ʕivˈɾit]
Linguistic affliation: Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central Semitic, Northwest Semitic, Canaanite
Number of speakers: c. 7.4 million
Spoken in: mainly Israel, and also in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, Panama, the UK and USA
First written: 10th century BC
Writing system: Hebrew script
Status: official language in Israel; recognised minority language in Poland

@upvoted & @restemed.

Thanks @dannywill. I almost missed your response when I refreshed. Thank you for your support.

You are most welcome Dear @Hebrew. Eagerly waiting for the next lesson.

wonderful post. great work very heard but hebrew language is the best language i love hebrew language . thanks for @hebrew

A good method of learning the language. Everything is clear and understandable, although I always thought that the Hebrew language is complicated. Thank you for the message.

Amazing ancient language. Because only extraordinary people are able to translate. Oh yeah, is there an app that can translate it? Regards!

I am very glad to continue our study of Hebrew, this ancient and beautiful language. Now i am trying to learn it! @hebrew thanks for increasing our knowledge :)

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i am new in steemit. i like your such type of post sir.
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hebrew good lesson like it sir

Your message is brilliant @hebrew, I always wanted to get to know your language, which is truly great and wise, it's amazing!

Thanks. I like your nickname but could you stand back a bit? Hehe.

I am very glad to learn this ancient language of my @hebrew.
in our area there is no longer anyone who can teach all things about this could even be said to no longer understand.. I really interested with everything it. .. Thank you much enlightenment, have a nice day!

Wow! Great post sir. 🤗💙
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Thanks @hebrew sir for sharing this post.

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thank you for sharing this. tanakh in dtube. God bless!



@hebrew - Sir this article is very helpful for all people who like to learn Hebrew... Thank you & Shabbat Shalom...


Thank You for your sharing valuable and knowledge full post.

It's really....Perfect review and I agree

it's a great theme ..great to share....
I'm impressed

Great to see your post back after a long dear so good to learn from it :)

thanks for this great post,,,,,,,,,,,,///////awasem

wow this is really amazing

Outstanding post and amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

I was just thinking that I hadn't seen a post from you in a while and was wondering how you were. Shortly thereafter, I see this post!

Signs are one of the most subjective things that we experience. For instance, when I was growing up, I would see signs that said, "Watch for Ice." I said that was a good deal because there was plenty of ice on the road, and if someone was willing to give me a watch for every time I saw ice, I'd have lots of watches to sell. I was being facetious, but my interpretation of the sign was wrong. In the same way, there are lots of signs that we see all the time that can be interpreted incorrectly. Sometimes that's because we're not paying attention, and sometimes that's because there's a veil over our eyes. (That's something I've been reading on recently.)

Isn't it interesting how sometimes we can work and work, yet yield no results? Yet other times, we can just agree, all of a sudden things start falling into place. Those are normally after the signs have been correctly interpreted and we've placed ourselves in a position and posture to be ready for what is coming.

God, help us to see the signs, understand them, and be willing to obey... and then actually move. :)

So true! I love how much thought you put into every comment. You are what makes Steemit what it is.

please sir see my introducing post.

Thanks buddy for your effort and hard work.

by sharing your unique knowledge about hebrew you made a nice & valuable thing to steem community. shabbat shalom @hebrew

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awesome post.. really amazing... i just love to read this.. your all post inspire me.. i always learning some new from your post.. thanks for sharing this post
great job
waiting for your next post

Very useful article on Hebrew language .
Keep sharing such articles . Shabat shalom.

Hi @hebrew, Shabbat Shalom. I read and see whole post. It gives me lot of learning experience about Ivrit language. Great learning option to mine. That's a huge teach post of mixing Dtube and written one. Thanks @hebrew.

After long time I have see again you with excellent lesson @hebrew. You're a perfect person in steemit platform. I prefer every your lessons. This time high value post cuz dtube and wrote explanation. Your lesson also good one to studying everyone. Thanks it every your assistance @hebrew.

I don't really know how to get the full post on DTube. They do not really accept the same markdown language so I put a text version there with no images. :/

@hebrew, That would be excellent video and context lesson of Genesis 1 - Part 7. It nicely explained and easy to understand. Hard to learn but after follow your lesson, learn easily. Dtube also better. You're a best Ivrit language teacher in this platform. Thanks for effort.

That is because I have a better canvas here. dTube will conform one day and I will do the whole post there when it does.

שיעור טוב מאוד. תודה שלום שלום.

אדוני, הגינה הקטנה שלי וכמה פרחים, אם תראי, אשמח מאוד

Great post and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.

Really very nice idea.thanks for sharing upvote and Resteem.
Shabbat Shalom

That's call "A Wonderful & Informative Post". You know how to present a difficult subject in a simple & interesting way. I followed you since I joined Steemit. This is my first Reply's to you. I really like your post. Now on, I am gona try my best to learn Hebrew language because i know Hebrew is a very old & beautiful language. It is always feels good, to do something interesting & beautiful. I will pray to God for your good health so that you can keep on enrich steemit with your great knowledge & work.


Glad to have you aboard. I try to read every comment and reply to most. Sometimes my post takes a long time to load but I am glad many are learning the language or at least taking some of the tid bits with them when they leave. Thanks for your vote and comment.

Thank you so much Dear Sir @Hebrew for welcoming me @Steemit. My elder brother already a member of the @Steemit. Because of him I joined @Steemit at the first place. I already liking it. He gave me a list of some great names at Steemit to follow including yours. My Big brother is a great fan of yours. He always read your post. Now on me & my brother are gona practice Hebrew language together.

Hello sir @hebrew! ☺ i was waiting for lesson since many days. Todays lesson is very interesting sir. Thanks a lot for helping so much people.Appreciate your work.👍

Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

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hello [email protected], really I'm crushed on your writing capacity. I'm sure that you have innovation great way for us to learn something new. that's way, my eyes always finding your blog.
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With your whole support we have learn lot of contexts about hebrew language. I totally appreciate your every support to steemians. Better learning point you given @hebrew. Outstanding post. Resteem your post.

Very good lesson sir . Thank you for sharing your post sir

Great works, I wish you success

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Great language, great initiative on a great plat form steemit. hebrew language is one of the most difficult and important language in the world. So you are trying to teach this language toward common people is amazing. I must appreciate your passion. Keep it up and always stay blessed @hebrew!

@hebrew so good to read about the ancient language on your blog. Hebrew is a unique language i love it when used in the Bible.

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable post.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

I just discovered that now you have a d-tube channel! It's so wonderful, thank you for your efforts! Earlier with small files it also was possible to work with pronunciation, but in such way it's much more understandable:)

Welcome. I keep it short. I remember in the beginning I could not take a lot of new sounds coming at me. It takes some time to think about the word and how it is put together, then add it to vocabulary that is already in your head. I can read a chapter in the evening and love it, but still... It still is overwhelming at times.

Hebrew is such a great language!!!Thanks for sharing.
It is valuable and very useful ancient language.

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Good & useful article. Thank you

Thanks for the information of the Bible. the useful language.]]]]]]]]]]]]]
this post good topic & for sharing'

wow its a great news & great link for learning ancient language... a
i always try to learn anceint language love you & thanks for sharing @hebrew

Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful information.
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Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
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You always share hebrew for us ,, we are lucky thats why we get such a teacher

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ITS a historical language

really its amazing

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WE are lucky because we are the students of such teacher

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nice article,,The ancient language of ivrit is awesome,,,
Thanks for sharing..@hebrew

Soe yang duk nyan,kalon keunoe sigeu

Learning to write in this alphabet is a basic part of Hebrew lessons as they are given in language schools. You’ll have to learn this on your own or, if you want, meet some native speakers that you can get some insight. It takes time but learning a language this ancient and exotic generally does take a bit of time in all regards. The alphabet is an important part of Hebrew culture, so be sure to ask anyone knowledgeable about the language and how it fits into the stories that come from this culture. You may be surprised to find out how significant the role of this alphabet is in some of the most important cultural aspects of Israel and its people.

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Happy Sabbath, Happy day.
I’ll really love to learn more.
I study daily.

Great explaining thank you so much master @hebrew, for the

i first read your post. just like an teacher.
thanks, i teach something from here. i can express something about hebrew.

@hebrew i thinks you are best teacher in Hebrew langues

waiting eagerly for your amazing lessons dear hebrew,
happy to have you here and happy to have the chance to learn something new from you
thank you and have a great day.

Great effort to introduce this amazing language thanks a lot.

Thank you very much @Hebrew. UpVoted and Resteemed. Going to listen now many many times. Until it sinks in. I love to Listen to this Holy Language every night before I go to sleep.

hebrew is a popular language..
I like it..
thanks for your informative post @hebrew


Looks very nice event @hebrew
Although i have to admit I don’t speak the language those words certainly give you chills.

Very interesting post, i enjoy to learn new things. Here in South America the majority religion is Christianity and we have much in common with the Jews at the origin of our faith. I'm very happy to discover this account because I can learn a lot about Jewish traditions, their interpretations of ancient texts and their culture.
thank you

many peoples learnt the lessons about it and so many like me who did not no much about this ancient and historical language now much aware about it. Its all due to your passion and teaching style. May you live long and take care.

Hello @hebrew
Greetings to you in jesus name..thank you for sharing this piece, i find them made a good call,take care.


Thanks for your lesson . I am waiting every week for your post ...

Great! You are awesome @hebrew

thanks for your informative post about @hebrew
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