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Shabbat Shalom

Like the Alphabet,

The letters in Hebrew are called the Alef - Beyt and they are presented on my blog from bottom to the top so you can learn them order, then to read them right to left.

You will see what the original "Bible" said and what the names meant as they went through the stories of old.

Here is Samech: Symbolizing a shield, protection or to be surrounded (protected)

Samech is pronounced like an S in English. It is the 15th letter. It is a consonant . It is also the number 60 when used as a number.

There is another letter in Hebrew, Sin, that sounds like S which we will learn later - there is no difference between the two in the sound they make when reading.

What about look alike letters?

Some get confused distinguishing between Samech and the letter Mem Sofit.

The main difference( no matter the font or script) is that Samech is rounded and Mem Sofit has three squared corners.

The both start out as if you were writing a "Resh"

Resh is the 20th letter - we will learn that one later too, but I have to show you what it looks like now, so you can see the difference in writing the two letters that we are studying tonight.

The following are a series of shots as I write each letter side by side.

Notice that the Resh is smoother than the Dalet as it rounds the upper right corner.

We use a full Resh for Mem Sofit, while we stop short part way down in order to write a Samech.


A line straight left for the Mem Sofit.
A curved line forms the bottom of a shield shape for Samech.


Both leave a part of the top cross bar exposed at the left side.
Mem Sofit comes striaght down thinner at the top, connecting to the bottom cross bar
Samech has a curved downstroke that completes the point (as if to make the bottom of a shield shape)


Where we are so far


Only 7 more letters and you will be reading! Well, there are many you can read already.

Let's also start studying our vowels. There are five sounds for them.

Here is a chart.

  • the square represents any letter.
  • the vowels are positioned as they would be in a written word.
  • there are five lines of vowels - five sounds

On the left a word that contains the vowel sound


On the right a representation of that sound.

They are nearly the same as in Spanish and in the same order!

I have to say that there are slight differences - one might be a little longer than the one next to it, but the sound is the same. There are also combinations that may extend the sound of a vowel. I will leave this chart on the next seven lessons as we go through more letters.

I hope to add meaning to these little lessons each Shabbat as we go. Then we can read together with the vowel points in place and see how it all jives with English.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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i will's a good lesson for all the people..that's why they can learn diffrent type of letter day by day...

Hope next we will see another lesson soon..

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wow excellent new lesson, i am slowly learning hebrew and i enjoy learning it, well in this article we learn about S = Samech,Sin and It is the 15th letter. It is a consonant, i note down the spellings also, Stay awesome and thanks for sharing

nice lesson about letter number 15 - samech & excellent idea of hebrew vowel reference material. impressive post & well shared @hebrew

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wow she is beauty!!

Shabbat Shalom. A very good lesson on the letter Samech. Now I know it is rounded and not square like mem sofit

Excellent. The vowel diagram is very good. I am printing these out and putting in a binder. Well done.


Absolutely you're right I appreciate your comments@borgheseglass ✍👍

Great tutorials you giving @hebrew. You`re definitely great teacher to us. Easily assistance you giving us.
Thank you for your help.


I also said that is really great tutorial@dragonking and @hebrew work really goof I love her work 👍☝

It is so important for the whole world to learn this ancient language spoken by God the Father.... Especially Christians so that they might understand the True Word of God contained in the Bible.


I can't believe that this is not taught to all Christians the 1st time they read the Bible .... How on earth are they supposed to understand the Book of Genesis or anything that Jesus taught or spoke in Hebrew. I was 40 before I learned that the 1st book of the Bible is called B'Reshit.

Great lesson and important language.contains the vowel is valuable.
Thanks for the information @hebrew
Have a great day.

its always nice to learn something new with other steemians :)

Another great lesson. Upvoted and resteemed to my followers. Helping to grow the @hebrew school here on @steemit

@hebrew, Excellent service you giving to promote and teach ancient Ivrit language. Its too tough and harder language around the world. Not an easy to learn before. But now little bit easy bcoz your helpful lessons.
Nice pronunciation of shabbat shalom. This time you introduce samech and mem sofit.
Absolutely brilliant tutorials you always sharing @hebrew. Thank you for your guidelines.


Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
For your post propagation.


i have a question....please tell me..
They are nearly the same as in Spanish and in the same order...

is it right????

Great lesson of Hebrew language.On the left a word that contains the vowel sound is best of best
thanks for the information and great job.

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The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Samech

that's great....another tutorial you shared to us...

nothing to say...
just love it..

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Thanks for the information of the Bible. the useful language.]]]]]]]]]]]]]
vowel soundgood in topic.for shring

That's a good information thanks for sharing @hebrew 👍


This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language of vowel sound .
Thank you for submitting such an article.
In the future, I expect another valuable letter.Also, you received very valuable comments from your article.

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Thank you @hebrew

Hebrew is such a great language!!!Thanks for sharing.
It is valuable and very useful ancient language.

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Shabbat Shalom. A very good lesson on the letter Samech. Now I know it is rounded and not square like mem sofit.

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative funny post!!
Thanks for sharing this..

Great post, thanks for another great lesson in hebrew!



your creation is so good sir i like your blog ...thanks for your blog sir STEEMUSD1.jpg

I always enjoy your post @hebrew :)


wow now gif's too you have added its great way and interactive to learn

Nice and easy lesson to learn today thanks @hebrew for sharing this

Excellent post nicely explained each thing very good :)

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Nice post @hebrew and for you 👍👍👍👍👍👍

A very ancient and beautiful language that you're teaching. We all are benefiting from this. Thanks for sharing.

Great content!
I learned something new today thanks for sharing this :)

Sounds great and liked the working of Samech and Sin!

great post.......

They do look similar unless you give a closer look!
Thanks for the class buddy !

Thank you a lot for posts ...I so enjoyed it👌👍
Really...!! thank you.Best of luck in your life bro✌✌

your blog is an encyclopedia of tutorial on ancient language...

Thank you...


hellow @hebrew i pray your attention.i think you are so good at moshes and christ.and i am also interested in both and muhammad sm...i want to share something about them with that i can get your opinion.if you follow me then i would be great.god bless you.....

The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Samech
Great post @hebrew I like your post

145:14 תודה על לחלוק. האות "סמך" נמצאת בפסוק של תהילים
'סומך ה' לכל הנפלים'
שבוע טוב =)

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you are spreading knowledge and that's the best thing to do in life :)

Always Publish ... a good article to read. Thank

Your writing is so compelling, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

good things to learn through your post's and we can clear doubts too easily :)

Good post thanks for sharing

Excellent lesson to learn thanks :)

This is another great lesson. Yes I have had a lot of difficulties with Samech and Mem Sofit ... Now that I know to look for the rounded corners I will be able to say "S" and not "M" - Thanks @hebrew Much appreciated.

Good information thanks for sharing sir

images (8).jpg

Who ever created the Hebrew Aleph-Bet was a pure genius. There is no other language like it.
... Nothing compares to these letters and the words they form.

The Meaning of Samech:

The word Samech means “to support,” as it states in the Shemoneh Esreh:14 “Someich noflim—You support those who fall.” It is not by chance that the samech follows the nun in the alef-beis. As mentioned earlier, the nun is one who has fallen, and as such, needs the samech to be supported or lifted up. On the other side of the nun is the mem, which also bolsters it. But the samech is greater than the mem. Every day we say in the morning blessings15 that G‑d is Someich noflim—He supports those who fall. We also say that He is Zokeif kefufim (with the mem appearing at the end of the phrase)—He straightens those who are bent. While the mem signifies the straightening of one who is bent, the samech can bear the weight of those who have entirely fallen.

The first two letters of the word samech are סמ—samech-mem. Together they spell the word sam, which means a potion or medicine. This is not only relevant with regard to one’s physical health but also one’s spiritual health. The word samech סמך is an acronym for: salach סלח,to forgive; mechal מחל,to pardon; and kaper כפר, to atone. When one takes strides to forgive, pardon and atone, one achieves a great spiritual heal­ing.

It is also said that the samech and the mem represent two distinct eras.16 The closed mem represents Gan Eden, Paradise (which is concealed from the human eye), the world of souls which currently exists in another dimension. The samech (which is greater than the mem) represents the era of Techiyas HaMeisim, the Resurrection of the Dead.17 This is the ultimate manifestation of Mashiach’s coming, when all the souls of the departed will return to bodily form and reside on earth for all time.

In the World to Come, the ring of the samech becomes even greater than its original function of supporting the fallen. For then it will radiate the infinite, transcendent healing which will last for eternity.


Nice guidance...


Great lesson and important language.

Wow....another wonderful post by @hebrew about "The ancient language of ivrit"...
I'm really like your posts...and spe ialy I'm followed your all 'The ancient language of ivrit' posts....
I think you have good knowledge about world languages...
Wel done buddy...
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That would be awesome Ivrit language lesson. Perfect representation here @hebrew. You always try to provide hebrew language to the steemians. Its great and salute you. Here's Samech and mem sofitlined nicely explained from you.
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Me... I get confused with Samech and Mem Sofit... this will help me a great deal !

today have turn of mim sovit .. it's going so far i was missing it ..

wow its samech it's seens round as O but have some different.. it's going good to learn

Its been such a long time @hebrew i will take a little time to digest this study i wish it was like a file i can download, however this is a nice lesson well done

shabbat salom great lession on samech thank for share@hebrew.



I always looked at the Spock "Live Long and Prosper sign and missed the shape of the Samekh formed between their hands... I am going to write a blog post about this and see if any of the Cohen Brothers can chime in ... Thanks @hebrew I learn so many fascinating things here. Every letter is a Mystery to unfold.

Jesus teaches Zacchaeus the Hebrew Aleph Bet.... And Jesus said " Hear, O Teacher, the ordinance of the first letter and pay heed to this, how that it hath lines, and a middle mark, which thou seest, common to both, going apart; coming together, raised up on high, dancing, of three signs, like in kind, balanced, equal in measure]: thou hast the rules of the Aleph." - Infancy Gospel of Thomas (80 Ad)


Now a certain teacher, Zacchaeus by name, stood there and he heard in part when Jesus said these things to his father and he marvelled greatly that being a young child he spake such matters. And after a few days he came near unto Joseph and said unto him: Thou hast a wise child, and he hath understanding. Come, deliver him to me that he may learn letters. And I will teach him with the letters all knowledge and that he salute all the elders and honour them as grandfathers and fathers, and love them of his own years. 3 And he told him all the letters from Aleph even to Tov clearly, with much questioning. But Jesus looked upon Zacchaeus the teacher and saith unto him: Thou that knowest not the Aleph according to its nature, how canst thou teach others the Bet? thou hypocrite, first, if thou knowest it, teach the Aleph, and then will we believe thee concerning the Bet. Then began he to confound the mouth of the teacher concerning the first letter, and he could not prevail to answer him. 4 And in the hearing of many the young child saith to Zacchaeus: Hear, O teacher, the ordinance of the first letter and pay heed to this, how that it hath lines, and a middle mark, which thou seest, common to both, going apart; coming together, raised up on high, dancing, of three signs, like in kind, balanced, equal in measure]: thou hast the rules of the Aleph.

VII. 1 Now when Zacchaeus the teacher heard such and so many allegories of the first letter spoken by the young child, he was perplexed at his answer and his instruction being so great, and said to them that were there: Woe is me, wretch that I am, I am confounded: I have brought shame to myself by drawing to me this young child. 2 Take him away, therefore I beseech thee, my brother Joseph: I cannot endure the severity of his look, I cannot once make clear my (or his) word. This young child is not earthly born: this is one that can tame even fire: be like this is one begotten before the making of the world. What belly bare this, what womb nurtured it? I know not. Woe is me, O my friend, he putteth me from my sense, I cannot follow his understanding. I have deceived myself, thrice wretched man that I am: I strove to get me a disciple and I am found to have a master. 3 I think, O my friends, upon my shame, for that being old I have been overcome by a young child;- and I am even ready to faint and to die because of the boy, for I am not able at this present hour to look him in the face. And when all men say that I have been overcome by a little child, what have I to say? and what can I tell concerning the lines of the first letter whereof he spake to me? I am ignorant, O my friends, for neither beginning nor end of it (or him) do I know. 4 Wherefore I beseech thee, my brother Joseph, take him away unto thine house: for he is somewhat great, whether god or angel or what I should call him, I know not. - Infancy Gospel of Thomas




I think so too .....


Beautiful painting.... young Jesus teaching Master Zaccheus

thanks for for awesome class the ancient language of ivrit.

yes frnd am getting your point samech and mem soft ,samech is rounded n mem soft has three squre corner.

great article the ancient language of ivrit really appreciate your effort thank for share.

thanks for making us understand more precisely loved your way of explaining things :)

great lession frnd u r vry good teacher thanks for your effort teaching us.


@hebrew - Shabbat Shalom Sir, today you shared a good post about letter Samech & it's very informative Sir.... Now we got almost 7 letters to go... Then you'll teach us how to read this ancient language.....

Sir, at the end of the post you shared a nice vowel chart.... It's simple & very understandable.... Nice you decided to share this post Sir....
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Excellent tutorial that described letter Samech & nice vowel chart which can provide a great assistance while we are using it.

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Many Arabic words are derived from Hebrew, which proves that the Jews lived long with the Arabs, and that our two languages are very close.
In fact we lived side by side without serious problems, unfortunately this is not the case today and it is a pity.
I hope that in the future all this animosity will be reabsorbed and we will be able to live in peace with our very close cousins.

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Hello @hebrew,

This is an extraordinary good lesson which teach us Hebrew "Letter Samech & it's Sofit". At the end of the article you have given us a vowel chart. It's awesome & very informative thing for all of us. Excellent post & well explained.


what do you believe in,,,moshes or christ??????????? @hebrew


Can you believe in both ?


i think the principle of prophet moshes and christ is so connected.........


Moses was the greatest prophet, leader and teacher that Judaism has ever known. In fact, one of Rambam's 13 Principles of Faith is the belief that Moses' prophecies are true, and that he was the greatest of the prophets. He is called "Moshe Rabbeinu," that is, Moses, Our Teacher/Rabbi. Interestingly, the numerical value of "Moshe Rabbeinu" is 613: the number of mitzvot that Moses taught the Children of Israel! He is described as the only person who ever knew God face-to-face (Deut. 34:10) and mouth-to-mouth (Num. 12:8), which means that God spoke to Moses directly, in plain language, not through visions and dreams, as God communicated with other prophets.



giphy-downsized (9).gif
וואו זה שפה נהדרת.

your ida is so nice sir.. i love this thanks sir for this blog

that is really goodU5dsrp45PY9oShedjqVF27oTJJY9cRH.gif

Ancient language in india many language. Its don't read. Sindhu valley civilization language is worldest old language.
Thank for sharing



Yes 1000% agree with you my dear friend...

great work really learning more from this blog.thank you..

i will's a good lesson for all the people..that's why they can learn diffrent type of letter day by day...

Hope next we will see another lesson soon.. thanks for sharing..

That's a good information thanks for sharing @hebrew

Hey @hebrew my dear friend...

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Sir your hebrew language Very Nice I learn hebrew language

Realy very knowledgeable article, thank u