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The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis #9

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Welcome back to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter. Old manuscripts also usually have vowels marked.

This week's reading is from Genesis 1:17 and onward.

When you got to the DTube video, you will find the words covered in this lesson in their context.

We are mid-sentence as God put the stars in the expanse and went on to make a separation between light and darkness. These are the vocabulary words for today. I really try to keep the lessons short so we can learn just a few things, not too much, each time we read.

By now, you should start to recognize that what looks like one Hebrew word, is a group of English words or a construct in some cases. Various forms of the letter vav mean and or on or in at the beginning. Many many sentences begin with and, which is the vav (or the interpretation of it).

Why so many interpretations?

English has over a hundred and fifty prepositions, but Latin languages have much fewer, about fifteen, and Hebrew has roughly fifty if you try not to count the ones that repeat while trying to match the English meaning or vice versa. For now, we are not memorizing lists, but running across things as we go.

Below, if I have my lines straight and in the right colors, you will see that the beyt is interpreted as over in both cases though it is pronounced "bah" in the first case and "vah" in the second. The vav means "and" even though it has an "ooh" sound as in "voodoo". The reason is similar to our reason for saying "an apple" instead of A Apple. Get used to it. Vav is a versatile letter.


Did you notice that the interpretor of this Tanakh, has added the word "the" to both "day" and "night". The familiar hey in the Hebrew is not present or needed here. The English sounds better as "over the day" so it is there. Hebrew sounds better without it. This is all part of learning a language.

Darkness and Light

the darkness

the light

Here we have "the" at the beginning of each word, "the light" and "the darkness" because it sounds better that way in both languages. Note also that the vowel is different under each Hebrew letter 'hey', even so the both signify the definite article, "the". Again, there really are no "translations" because everything needs to be interpreted, and they all have translator's bias in the mix. As a trilingual person, I make translation decisions all day every day. Should I use phrase-A which works, or phrase-B which also works? I have to choose which one works as I speak or write in daily life.

Note: My explanations of how and why may seem disrespectful and analytical in nature. I must stress that after the teaching is done, I have my time to read my Tanakh. In my studies, I admire and relish the history and dedication with which Hebrew script was copied by hand, meticulously making every "jot and tittle" as Yeshua says. He takes every letter very seriously. For that reason, I do too.

Here are the links

Please click over to DTube and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom

I give no opinion, but yours are welcome below

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hello sir @hebrew ,,, how are you ?
wow excellent new lesson, i am slowly learning hebrew and i enjoy learning my friend @hebrew
i will's a good lesson for all the people..that's why they can learn diffrent type of letter day by day...
Hope next we will see another lesson soon..


I love his teaching too. I've followed his lessons for some time now and it's amazing. I'm w beginner in the Hebrew lesson. I think it's good for every Christian to learn the Hebrew language. It gives a lot of insights in the Old Testament and some portions of the New Testament. Stay blessed @hebrew and @dini1


זה מדהים את הידע של ספרי קודש של אבות, החוכמה שלהם בהשראת אלוהים, הם שמרו את הידע במשך יותר מ 4000 שנים ועכשיו זה רק כי המדענים לאמת את קיומו של אור וחושך. אני משאיר את הסרטון הזה מסביר את מה שאתה אומר בשיעור שלך ויש הרבה


Great lesson! I can see now the difference between the light and the darkness. English obviously uses much more prepositions than Hebrew. I can see now that word “vav” can have a more meaning such as “and, on, in”. I can also see Hebrew uses one word instead of English using multiple words.


wow this is a very good option/jesson............

I can also see Hebrew uses one word instead of English using multiple words.

I can see now the difference between the light and the darkness. English obviously uses much more prepositions than Hebrew. I can see now that word “vav” can have a more meaning such as “and, on, in”.

thank you sir.........

Did you notice that the interpretor of this Tanakh, has added the word "the" to both "day" and "night".

I noticed there is no “the” in Hebrew based on color marks. Which makes it much less difficult. We can use as well “over night” and “over day” I hope I understood this. And yes one Hebrew word has many words in English. I can clearly see it on your Dtube video for example “to give light”. Looks like Hebrew language is a state of art language.


Great comment. I know it is not an easy language,but explanation from a learner's perspective helps new learners.

The more you know, the more you know you don't know!


This is a hard language to pick up! It is important to me as a Christian. Thank you!

It is something new to me but I am curious to know this language and your tutorial is user friendly, so I can really get it on track and I am sure I will find it easier than ever with your tutorial.

Thank you @hebrew.

Your dtube videos are realy very helpful in reading hebrew . Thanks for starting dtude series . Shabat shalom 🙏

i really like looking at these distinct scripts that people from the past have been writing approximately their lifestyle and the gadget how the whole thing labored and these language are nonetheless being used as each language has some thing a few special pinch in itself .each time I learn more about Hebrew, which is an ancient and delightful language!

Hello @hebrew,

Extraordinary good article with lots of information about 'The ancient language of ivrit'.
Shabbat Shalom


Shabbat Shalom, a good Hebrew lesson with valuable content shared extremely good.

Well done sir.
I managed to come online, not feeling too well. I promise to comment when next you make another post. God bless you sir @hebrew


Thanks a lot, hebrew. It is going to be very useful for my hebrew studies at Bnei Brit in Caracas.
Following the lessons from now...

Darkness and Light is like Yin and Yang! You made another great and valuable DTube video session and explained further well!

Thank you and Shabbat Shalom~

Perfect length for each Lesson.... every letter is so important. I am recognizing all the vav(and) and ha (The) now ....

Much stronger lesson introducing. Exactly Dtube lessons very deserve to easily understand everything. Last time and this time your Dtube lessons nicely making. Video better more than word contents.
Shabbat Shalom


That would be me and my timid nature. Once I say it, I can't correct it as easily. You can bet I thought of making more in depth videos, but I am not good with editors - think - I am pointing a camera at the screen! No, I am not good with these things.

I am trying :)


One of Judaism's great figures is the man called Moshe Rabbenu ('Moses our teacher') in Hebrew. The first five books of the Bible are traditionally ascribed to him. Moses is the channel between God and the Hebrews, through whom the Hebrews received a basic charter for living as God's people.

You have made me like Hebrew Language even though I'm still struggling to understand it.😂
Thank you for all you do.
With love from Nigeria🇳🇬

I'm getting my Hebrew Bible now!


Great! Welcome to my classes. Love from parts unknown :)


Thanks Sir Hebrew.

Shabbat Shalom from Canada..., little by little, every 7 days we learn more Hebrew. How wonderful to see this Holy language spoken by God.

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable post.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

@hebrew - Sir Shabbat Shalom & Thank you.... This is a valuable content for all Hebrew learners...


This is most powerful hebrew language lesson indeed video introduction & context introduction. Absolutely perfect @hebrew. Ivrit wanna greatest language around the world.

Extremely better conversation for provide hebrew language. I'm glad to see morning time in my time zone. That's better reading lesson of Genesis 1:17 and onward. It's very interesting to reading. Thank you for massive support @hebrew.

Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful information.
100% like and resteem

@hebrew, That would be another excellent DTube tutorial with awesome contents. It's really valuable for who already started learners. Better explained anout The darkness and the light. This one is greatest selection for Ivrit pronunciation. That's priceless effort.

Its really very important and amazing lesson. Thank you so much sir @hebrew for this educative post about ivrit. We are really helpful by your post sir. We can know many this for this article.

You are a great teacher for your religion.thanks



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Thanks @hebrew sir for this wonderful post.

Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
your good work and great work
For your post propagation.

Thanks for the information of the Bible. the useful language.]]]]]]]]]]]]]
this post good topic & for sharing'

Hebrew is such a great language!!!Thanks for sharing.
It is valuable and very useful ancient language.


Thanks for the post it was vary informative. I have been teaching myself a little Hebrew I know the alphabet, some of the vowels so i can sound out words but I need to work on vocabulary. Shalom !!


Hey. I started teaching myself about six years ago. It takes a long time to adjust your thinking to a new set of letters and a different order of structure. All languages came out of this one, which makes it easier.

Dear Sir,
This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language.
Thank you for submitting such an article.

Resteem Service

New lesson for us. Thank You Dear.Waiting for next. @hebrew

wow Great learning introduction post...thanks for sharing...

Am still trying to understand some things in the video but I know I will understand better as i watch it over and over. Thank you sir @hebrew for this great work you are doing.

Excellent hebrew Lagrange experience. great teacher.

Really great post about @hebrew
everyone shoul know about this popular language..
I am always with you dear @hebrew

you encounrage me to learn your language dear..@hebrew
@upvote done

Very good job @hebrew. I had not seen another Steemian who was dedicated to studying and sharing the Hebrew language with the community... Keep it up!

Welcome back sir!
The way you are explaining it us jjust faboulous!
No one is teaching @hebre the way you are teaching

i was waiting for your lesson sir since many days... todays lesson is looking much interesting... i'll try my best to learn hebrew language fully sir. thanks for sharing & teaching us.☺

great article, i am new in steemit, you teach hebrew, now fron here i know something, thanks for sharing.
@upvote & @resteem done

Day By Day Learning from's clear that you are a good teacher as like as well smart always share with us some unique things which is really appreciatable. @hebrew

wow excellent new lesson, i am slowly learning hebrew and i enjoy learning my friend @hebrew
i will's a good lesson for all the people..that's why they can learn diffrent type of letter day by day...
Hope next we will see another lesson soon..


Excellent post, I am slowly learning @hebrew and I enjoy learning my friend ! I will say it's a good lesson for all user that's why they can learn different type of letter day by day.
I am waiting for your nest excellent post my dear @hebrew

Hebrew is an ancient language with so much importance because most of the modern languages are offshoot of this great language. Alphabets of countless languages are based on Hewbrew.
Your lessons are a great source of learning and enlightenment. You are an excellent teacher with so simple yet very effective way of teaching.

The vav means "and" even though it has an "ooh" sound as in "voodoo".

That is so simple and easy to learn.
Thank you so much @hebrew for putting time and efforts to educate us about this amazing language.

Hello My Respected Friend Shabbat Shalom / @hebrew, nice to see you again here after about one week. How is life going on... I hope you are fine and enjoy your time well. Sorry from me for late comment on your post.
Your New Lesson with new energy is here "The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis #9." I think the rate of Awareness about this historical language increases day by day. Its all due to your passion and concentration you put on it. and by using Dtube it is easy method to convey your lessons to students, it leave a great impact for its promotion. that's really great idea and all the credit goes to you. (One thing i mentioned here is that I just Impressed from your teaching techniques So I am always glad to leave my comment on your post to appreciate and support you friend). Take Care and My Best Wishes always for You.

Hope so everything is fine at your end Teacher @hebrew :)

Since i am following your lessons to learn the most ancient language #Hebrew, my basic vocabulary is getting thick day by day. It is just because of your kind teaching method, that you explain the things in depth. Sometimes, i consider myself very lucky that i found you. Actually learning different languages is my passion and you are fulfilling my dream to understand the basics of this beautiful language. Thank you so much for letting us know the difference between light and darkness :)

Keep sharing with us <3

inspite of i am new in steemit, meanwhile i know this language from you, thanks a lot for your kindness

god bless you, you teach us this language so nicely

Thank you @Hebrew for always coming with the great teachings about Hebrew language! You are an amazing teacher! ☺

Very good article and dtube videos are also very useful for reading Hebrew language . Thanks sir . Shabat shalom

Interesting language. I think I'm already starting to understand something. Thank you very much for learning.

I really enjoyed todays lesson.
Thank you so much Dear @Hebrew.


@Upvote & @Resteem Done.

I love this language very much for myself I have personally started practicing myself about this language and am getting enough information on this language because I have given a good knowledge of the language to be well-presented, especially because I started reading books of a lot of authors Among them, this language is fairly well and neatly about Directions are given.

I am new to this community and I have heard many good things about you and many appreciate you. I think that you really deserve to be praised I respect you.


Thank you for the kind words. Welcome!

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote.
Thanks for the hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.

Teachers are the highest quality and we all respect them.
Tou are brilliant teacher and its also great working language teaching.
I appreciate this language teaching @hebrew

Hello Sir, these two languages ​​are really beautiful. I think there is a slight difference between these two languages ​​but it is very awesome with them and thank you for discussing the language about this language. You are constantly discussing this language which really plays a very good role.

Hi sir @hebrew, how are you? hope you're fine!

I am currently researching this language and have received some guidelines. This language is very traditional, a complete language.

The dark and light language that was used in the upper cell reflects the same direction as two languages.

Sir, you are currently posting this blog with your valuable time, I really want to acquire more knowledge about this language and in future I want to work with this language.

Please Accept my sincere honor and love.

Best Regards

Every language has its own status and there is a lot of honors and receptions from the extended place. I think that the topic you discussed is very important and I am discussing this language continuously. I think this language is about one of the most important language days. Members are going to try to gain knowledge.

"tanakh" About this language I have been searching a lot more in Google and trying to know about the language and thanking you sincerely giving a great sense of language, because this language is about community members, many do not know.

Many things have been converted into the house and a lot of wards have been added. I think if we have the right idea about these things, because we have to make a right idea about when there is a matter or no matter what the matter is being done on the ground, we should respect the language And republication.

I personally like this "tanakh" language and I am trying to find out the meaning of every language in this language, hopefully I can get the right knowledge and ideas about this language in the future.

hey sir @hebrew
wow great new lesson, i'm slowly getting to know hebrew and that i experience studying my pal @hebrew
i'm able to is a terrific lesson for all the human beings..this is why they can study diffrent type of letter each day...
desire subsequent we will see another lesson soon..

In today's this language lessons much better have been.
Its a good work language lesson.
It increase people their talant @hebrew

As promised I found & learned something new last week.
Thank you so much Sir @Hebrew for todays lesson.


@upvote & @resteem

glad to see you again!
Keep sharing informative lectues about hebrew language.
I am resteeming the post to reach to more people!

i feel proud that i am of you student, my intersting growing day by day for next episode

you always teach us just like an teacher. thanks you sir

great language dear..@hebrew

thank you so much, you teach us this language

Wow! Hebrew lesson
I tried learn Hebrew at the theology school before in the korea. That was so hard to learned Hebrew.

I will try again to only for read It. It is not easy to read! Hahaha...

this is my third class, how nicely you explain it dear, thanks a lot

DQmZsqwa8osQGhTghodD1QdAvTTV5kZGrwt7hCWMyCpuiuw.gifhello sir @hebrew ,,, hope you well.
some days later I've comeback one this way. And firstly I'm glading on your new lesson of Hebrew language. Really this is the great part of this lesson.
Thanks sir, for your educational blog.
now I'm going to learn as clear.
upvote Sir

Excellent lesson you have shared today so good to learn this thing from your post :)

Remove all

From the world by teaching and awareness. I following you sir and upvoted and resteemed.

i learn about a lot from your post...
thank you@hebrew

great post,my dear friend @hebrew,your language is much interesting,i really love this post all time,thanks for share,

this post #resteemed and #upvote all time,

i study a lot about your language..
i am happy to see your post..@hebrew sir

it's a great theme ..great to share....
this is really amazing


interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)


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It's really interesting topic to read.


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images (94).jpg

Learning Hebrew in relation to English is a wonderful experience. I am learning new words of Hebrew like vav mean and , slowly. It is also interesting to know that Hebrew have almost 50 prepositions.
I really like you way of teaching my friend @hebrew. You make your lesson very easy to understand and learn from it through wonderful and comparative study.

I love the way you take the lesson one after the other. Slowly so that everyone will understands. "the" in english is different from that in hebrew (the darkness, the light) have different spelling in hebrew. Thanks for today's class
I will look out for the next lesson

Hi dear Sir @hebrew how are you and what's going on...? I hope everything is fine there.
What a great explanation of this awesome language. I'm so impressed that how you teach and promote this language. I must appreciate your way of thinking. And you're the only onw who is promoting this language on steemit, so I believe that soon most of the people (Who do interest in this language) will learn at least basics of this great language.
Keep it up Sir and always stay blessed!

learning and helpful blog tnx for share sir

Good lesson ,sir @hebrew
Thanks for sharing this lesson......This is for you.....

Looks really wonderful such a cool and fantastic architectural design :)

Hebrew is best language in the world

@hebrew is one the most ancient & popular language..
love you all the people with @hebrew
thanks for your great post..

Hi @hebrew sir
How are you?
After a long time i got your post.
Your language learning lesson is awesome.
I support your work.
All the best

Language education always inspires me and I will say it is always great work
#upvote and #resteem

phenomenal post,my dear partner @hebrew,your tongue is much interesting,i genuinely appreciate this post record-breaking

I can really see the tanakh, I think your teachings have become more simplifying and understandable, the Hebrew bible I translated to, have shown me a whole lot, I'm really checking it out now, thank you @Hebrew

I missed your last post but its ok i will catch it soon.i really want to learn hebrew language.last time i met a Israeli friend he thought me some hebrew word which is really interesting..keep learning from you @hebrew