It's ok for heavy metal to be commercial just not too commercial

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Listen not to the metal elitist's, they are the worst kind of fan possible. It's perfectly ok for Heavy Metal to be commercial, it is after all, the music industry therefore a business and as the music business it needs a bit of production, a bit of marketing, a bit of merch sales and a reasonable, at least semi professional attitude. Here are some examples of bands who are commercial yet truly great and therefore truly understand the music business.

#1. Megadeth
Don't like scummy record producers? do it yourself. Dave Mustain got so sick of producers he became his own producer not only that he changed his look and that of the whole band to like a Heavy Metal business man and not only does it look cool but the music has not suffered one bit by the decision.

They have Yngwie J. Malmsteen FUCKING MALMSTEEN!!! how could they go wrong?. Oh right the sour attitude that is Graham Bonnet but still a very awesome band with songs that stick in your'e head and are so very metal. On a side note after Yngwie left they got Joe Satrianni.

#3. Scorpions
Got something better to do than listen to some weird old German dudes play music? A date in Gorki park? i didn't think so. Between some very classic and heavy songs from the good ol 70's and solid epic's from the 80's id say these guys are an immortal classic.

#4.Richie Blackmoore's Rainbow
Apparently Commercial prog is a thing and it is GLORIOUS! Leave Deep Purple and make your'e own band, why not? Get Dio? why not? lose Dio and start writing crap! why not? wait...... ok maybe not that last one but still they have so many great songs it's hard not to love them.

So in conclusion "selling out" is not always a bad thing more money means better gear and bigger gigs, As long as the songs are good whats a little extra spit and polish? Is it so wrong your'e music be a little produced?, seperating the individual tracks at least is all i ask.

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