Hungry! An evil that must be stopped! ¿As?

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Comunity dear!

When we talk about the problem of hunger in the world, we are not talking about what you want to eat that you feel at lunch or dinner. The problem of hunger is related to the lack of food available to people or the inability to access or buy food.

Thus, hunger in the world is related to the economic issue, directly linked to the misery that some people and many of the countries suffer. Currently, it is estimated that more than a billion people worldwide suffer from this problem.

I read an article that caught my attention! Scientists divide the famine, in fos types:

Endemic or open and epidemic or hidden.

Epidemic of hunger or open: it is one that occurs due to the specific situations of a region or a specific locality, such as pests that affect agriculture and prevent the supply of food, and the wars they carry out, that they generate a great amount of death and misery among the people of the countries achieved.

Endemic or hidden hunger: is that which occurs because of malnutrition, that is, when people do not have access to enough food to ensure that the amount of nutrients the body needs.

The UN (Organization of the United Nations) and the WHO (World Health Organization) define that each day you must consume at least 2500 calories. If people consume, on average, less than that, they are considered to be endemic or hidden hunger.

Hunger occurs in many places, generally in economically weakened countries (some in Africa, others in Asia and the Americas), In Venezuela the famine has been exorbitant in the last 5 years! Millions have emigrated for fear of dying of hunger! ... but this problem is not exclusive of poor countries or regions. It also manifests itself in the peripheries of large and small cities in rich or emerging countries.

On the other hand, the unpleasant stomach pains, discomfort that can come from different reasons associated with stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and the exhausting pace of life that we carry day by day, but one of the most recurrent factors to feel the uncomfortable feeling of "emptiness", fatigue and belly pain, is usually due to the non-intake of food for more than 10 hours in a row, a sensation better known as "feeling of hunger", a reason that besides being annoying, can cause serious health problems .

In addition to the human issue, the lack of attention to the growth of misery by a government also represents economic stupidity. The weakness of an individual, associated with malnutrition, shortens his productive life and represents expenses with assistance and social security.

How to fight hunger in the world?

There is no consensus on how to solve the problem of world hunger, although it is decreasing (slowly!) In recent decades.

Many people, countries and NGOs (NGOs) invest time, money and resources to fight hunger in the world, believing that only then will it end. Other people believe that only that is not enough, because it would be necessary to combat the economic and social inequalities that exist both between and within countries, increasing, mainly, the distribution of income.

The immediate solution to prevent the pain of others and the spread of hunger is in solidarity.

Does hunger occur because we produce little food?

For a long time, politicians and thinkers believed that the problem of hunger was aggravated by the growth of populations and the lack of food resources for them. Today, however, we know that this is not true, because the technology in agricultural production and other types of food is quite advanced, so that current levels of production are more than enough to feed the whole world.

The problem is that this production occurs unevenly. Some countries produce more and others produce less, a factor that is directly related to the economic and political characteristics that these countries go through.

Despite these conclusions, there are no complete certainties about the causes and ways to fight hunger in the world. But, undoubtedly, we must fight the inequalities and the misery that affect a good part of the people.


In steemchurch we seek to make a difference to raise awareness about the needs of others, especially children who are the most vulnerable!

I reiterate that the immediate solution to prevent the pain of others and the spread of hunger is in solidarity.


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solidarity and mercy is of vital importance, the fact of feeling the pain of our brother and sharing what we have, will somehow have a positive impact on society!

It has to be stopped and I know with God everything is possible