The Hidden Gates to Heaven and Hell

in heaven •  10 months ago

Life takes you on many journeys with lots of choices along the way.

Some choices are good and some not so great,

You can choose love and care in every step you take

or you can choose hate and uncaring with those all around you.

Do you not know that when hate is shared it grows like a volcano ready to burst with deadly ash that can effect everyone around you.

Why would you want to inflict so much pain?

Imagine walking into the woods and you see two gates in your path...

One has living things all around it while the other has dead things shriveling and dying at every corner.

Which gate would you try to open?

Will you choose life and living or death and dying?

If you could see past these gates would you make a different choice?

Would you go past the death gate just to see what is on the other side?

Would you choose the living gate and hope there is more life beyond?

Would you be afraid and not enter either one at all?

Some believe in eternal life while some are confused and don't believe at all.

But, are you going to take that chance?

If you died tomorrow where would you be?

As for me I believe in life after this one,

because I believe I choose to leave a trail of love and compassion

I choose the gates of the living and the heavens beyond.

Painting by Suzanne


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Thank you sandalphon

This is a great concise piece, it sounds like something that i would say. I know for a fact that I choose life and the ways of the most high. Shalum sister.


God Bless dalayahu, Thank you