Heat stroke in fierce heat

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It's going to be hot summer. The excess moisture in the air makes the heat more uncomfortable. The problems that we work outside are a bit more problematic. Our body automatically tries to control the temperature when the outside temperature increases. Our body's blood circulation increases as the body temperature increases, so that the veins are more spacious and the temperature goes out. And as well as a lot of sweating in the body tries to control the body temperature. Due to a lot of sweating, our body loses salt and water. Losing excess salt causes our body to weaken. As a result, we have severe vulnerability, headache, muscle ache can cause nausea and fierce thirsty problems. Sometimes it may be more dangerous or may be the cause of death due to unconsciousness in the summer. We usually call this condition a hit stroke.

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Who is more at risk

Anyone who can be a heat stroke in fierce heat. However, those who work hard in the open sun on open ground, are more likely to have a hit stroke. Those who go on a sunny sunshine and small children who go to school in the sun may also have this problem. Those who work long hours in the factory or closed house may also be affected by hit stroke. Children and older people are generally less tolerant of them, they generally tend to be more at risk.

To do
At that time, anyone around us could be hit with strokes. In such a situation, we will try to get the affected person first in a cool or shaded place. Open the garment as soon as possible by starting the fan or AC. Hold the wet cloth as far as possible And remove the body with cold water. Give cold water to the head and face. Give water or ice to the victim's neck and under arms. If the infected person has the knowledge then drink water or saline.... Arrange the affected person to the nearest hospital.

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We can easily prevent hit strokes…
Try to stay as cold or shaded places as possible in the summer. When we go outside, try to get out of cotton and loose clothes. It is better not to wear colorful clothes in summer. With lots of water and fruit juice can be consumed. Saline can be eaten in plenty of sweat. The umbrella can be used when going out. Take a break in the water and drink water and fruit juice. Saline can be eaten in summer. This time it is better to avoid tea coffee and soft drinks. Lemon juice in the summer gives freshness feeling to the body. Be careful whoever wants to travel this summer.