Pleasing God or man (10% to heartchurch)

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Pleasing God or man 10% to heartchurch

Good evening dear parishioners of @heartchurch, a cordial greeting to all who belong to this community, where we live a new experience every day, with new ideals that go hand in hand with entrepreneurship and the passion to be better people facing new challenges, new opportunities, although the winds are often not favorable, we are @heartchurch a community in constant growth.

On one occasion the apostle Peter expressed the powerful idea of ​​his conviction for Christ, saying that if it was necessary to suffer a little time doing the will of God, he would be willing and in fact it was, numerous stories in the Bible tell the experiences of one of the most special instruments used by our Lord Jesus Christ The Apostle Peter, who along with the other 11 Apostles embarked on the boat of faith, but for this they would have to be put to the test regarding their love for Christ. Today we are not far from the same since daily we can be forced even to abandon our faith, the enemy of God is constantly lurking, attacking the hearts of believers to cool them, deceiving with his tricks so that our gaze is erected on other things.

However, every conviction carries a weight when it is genuine, for example in marriage there is the commitment to take care of the home just to mention some aspect, in the Christian faith there is a demand to remain firm without fluctuating, something that is almost impossible but of what which we have to be very clear, knowing that holiness is something total and not partial, in other words the child of God will have occasions of fire where just as gold is purified by being subjected to hundreds of degrees of heat until melting it, we will be tested to see if we pass the test of faith with good marks, that is why we must nourish ourselves with the bible having the sword of the spirit in our hands. Breaking all bonds of evil.

"Well, it is better to suffer for doing good, if that is the will of God, than for doing evil".

Perhaps we are not in ancient times where the disciples began to be called Christians, but they struggled day by day to keep faith in the Lord, there were great struggles, brawls and even meetings of high religious commanders for the mere fact of being faithful to God , the culture of Moses and the law established the ordinances of the old covenant by which the believers kept pleasing God, the priests, scribes and Pharisees of that time were the main opponents in the debates with Jesus Christ himself. In a daring way again and again, the son of God confronted them by speaking of their own sins, brought them to the point of reflection, some gave in to the words of Jesus, others turned their backs on him.

I just want to remind you that our priority is to please God and not man, which puts us in a strategic position to take action on the matter, deny ourselves and we will find the way out, strong tests that everyone will receive but that in due time will be rewarded. with blessings here on earth but their yesterday is eternal life, our predecessors found the recipe for success based on the love of Jesus, because if we develop in the flesh we will lose many blessings.

God pleases him is all we need, insist that your relatives like him, your family and your friends too.


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