The Kingdom secret: The irrefutable ministry of destiny helper.

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The Kingdom secret
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You need to understand that we live in a world of men. The Earth, heavens, and even the heavens of heavens belong to the Lord but the earth had he given to the sons of me. The cosmos of the earth is wholly managed and controlled by man. If you know God alone, certainly you will do well but you won’t succeed in the cosmos. You need to know both God and men, most believers feel it doesn’t matter but the truth is that it matters.

Dear friend, in this kingdom, Who hates you doesn’t matter but who likes you matters. A king, likes a woman and she became queen, and the same king hates the woman and she ceases to becoming queen. So, don’t say that the likeness and influence of men don’t matter.

Men are the gates keepers of the earth realm and if you don’t understand the irrefutable realm of destiny helpers connecting every man from where he is and to where he needs to be in the ministry of a destiny helper.

When it happens to just ones, it’s not favor, favour must be consistent and continual. In a moment, a man’s life can change for good. You need a favor from men.

Destiny helpers are people equip, empowered, ordained, and assigned by God to help you get to and fulfill your destiny. They ain’t people who just come, they are ordained by God and also to take you to the next level of your life.

It is God that blesses but all blessings come from God through men. Nothing comes from God directly to men, rather it comes from God, through men to men. If God says Yes but the middle man says No, definitely, the answer is No.

The Bible tells us that David was in the wilderness, and already, God has rejected Saul as king, and now, David was in the wilderness having a vision of himself as the next king and between God and David, was a man called Samuel. If God said yes and Samuel had said No, David would have remained in the wilderness. God had to come and plead with Samuel to anoint David, God won’t have anointed David by himself because that’s not the methodology of the kingdom not bypassing men.

Understand something, our advantage is not our spiritual connection but our understanding that when God wants you to help you, he will connect you to destiny helpers.

Thanks for coming around, I will continue from here next time.

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