Let your heart be the bright side of hope from love

in #heartlast year

When the day comes when you get old and hold my hand, if I can't hold your hand, be patient, understand me
If I smack my mouth and spill it on the floor while eating and I can't wipe it up
Please be patient. Those days when I once held your hand and took you to school,
Remember the day when you couldn't hold your spoon and fed it with a sweet spoon, I wiped the soup that you carried on the floor many times.
To learn the same word once when you first started speaking
that I have memorized you without getting bored that I repeat it over and over again...
Don't interrupt me, listen to me
You don't get sleepy at night, you used to tell me a story over and over again
I would tell it without getting bored. I would take it to the park every weekend so that your mother or I would not get bored


you used to spend your free moments playing and moving .you didn't want to take a bath
I took a bath with fun playing without scolding
I would never scold and get angry, do not scold too
As soon as you don't like something and want to eat from outside, I wouldn't pressurize it, I would buy it right away.
You wouldn't understand some words and make me repeat them by shouting
I would answer without shouting with great patience. don't shout at you
Of course, be like me, I hope you understand, if your loved one is not with you
Don't forget that you need a love
Understand me.
Of course, one day you will understand me, I always thought of good things for you, I did them.
I thought that your future was education, I did not eat or drink all my children.
Understand me, do not see me as a weak father next to you, understand me, do not belittle
Don't think I'm deaf, don't think I'm kidding, don't interfere with my walking, eating or drinking, I know
what's going on. When I don't understand, you should tell me, no matter how many times, you should repeat it without getting bored.
I can't walk fast on the road, just as you couldn't keep up with me when you were a kid, be a little understanding.
Don't raise your voice on purpose, try to understand me, remember I'm heavy.
Don't make fun of my old age as if you are insulting, of course you will get old one day, then you will understand.
I have given you what I will give you now, I expect from you for what I have given to be paid.
That's why you have to be patient, be understanding, and know that my love will never decrease.
Do not forget that every smile gives me life, every work you do gives me strength.
Let your heart be the bright side of hope from love.
I love you. May your heart be filled with love.
My son, my daughter, my sons

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