The love that will keep beating the odds

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My name is Melissa, on 08/19/2018 in an instant our lives were forever changed. Edward my husband had been feeling sick at his stomach and like he had heartburn. After waiting over 3 weeks thinking it would go away it got worse and i rushed him to the ER. He was having shortness of breath. After some test, they finally came in and told us that he had a blood clot in his heart and were taking him by ambulance to another hospital better equipped for this situation. It was like a bad dream. Once at the other hospital, they did more test and the bad news kept coming. He has two blood clots in his heart. He also has to blocks one 90% one 100% and his heart is only working at 10%. They then went in to try to put in a stint but his blood presure fell and they had to stop. He needs a double bypass but his heart is not strong enough to make it thru surgery. So they are telling us he needs a heart transplant. In order to survive long enough for a heart to become available,he needs the bypass but he is not strong enough right now. Eddie is only 38 years old. I am too. We are both scared and don't know what will happen next. We have faith in God that he will save Eddie and he will make it to getting a transplant. He has been in the hospital since 8/15/18 and it is very expensive to be able to go back and forth and rent hotels and we just dont have any resources to help us through this. Anything will help and we are grateful to everyone that has helped us thru this tramatic time. You are truly angels everyone that has helped us and prayed for us. Will send an update when I can. Thank you very much MelissaIMG_20180824_154546 - Edited.jpg


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