Heart for Art - Step-by-step Drawing

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Drawing a Heart! For Art!

Good day, today I'm sharing my step-by-step process of drawing a human heart using pencils. I will share to you guys my technique.

Let's start by discussing the materials I used:

  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Paint Brush (for blending)
  • Stick Eraser? (Not sure lol)

Let's Start!

I used the mechanical pencil to start sketching the outlines of a human heart, as you can see in these steps:

Starting to draw the lines.

We're halfway through it now.

There the sketch is finish!

Up next, we will start adding shadows on it still using the same mechanical pencil:

Started shadowing the darkest parts.

Then the mid tones.

Then the 'lighter' ones.

After adding shade to the whole sketch. I started blending it using a paint brush. As you can see on the following photos, it works really good and make the shadows smoother than before:

Paint brush isn't just for painting.

You can also use it when drawing with graphite or charcoals.

Cause it blends them properly and makes your sketch look better overall.

Now, we will start enhancing the shadows using a graphite pencil. Use the darkest shade of pencil for this step:

Make sure to color all the darkest parts.

Here's what it looks like after finishing everything.

Now, we make use of the brush again for blending.

Here is our heart after blending the shades.

To make the whole drawing look better. Other than adding shadows we need to add highlights as well. Well, for this step I didn't actually 'add' them. More like I 'subtracted' from the drawing by erasing some parts to make them look highlighted.

I used the eraser stick for this.

Here's the Heart for Art Drawing!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my share for the day and hopefully you've learned a few things about sketching or drawing with pencils. Especially about the shading part. It's really important if you want to make your drawings more realistic.

Till next time, thanks for dropping by! Hopefully you have enjoyed my post!


easy way to sketch a heart.your step by step process make it more attractive.

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