My heart is cooling

in heart •  17 days ago

My mind is full of words, sentences, but no heart. Sounds like a lot of things. We need to take them and pass them through the filter. You know, to make a meal, you put all the ingredients on the counter ... Then you can take it in a pot with certain amounts, respectively, and duration - but also experience it.


You'il make a great work. Those who are hungry in the dining room will also be delighted and delighted. Thank you. They will be happy. Or, if you put all the ingredients in a pot and do not boil and taste without checking the salt. It must be something like this. However, those who are filtered out of our hearts? He also appeals to the eye.

I don't like my heart getting cold. I don't want the fire in me to go out. I want to run every morning to meet with my keyboard, to sing in my heart, to sing with the songs.


I want to be happy. I want to breathe, to feel I live, to live with love. I want to feel the smell of roses, the taste of strawberry jam, the sound of my motorcycle, the name I love, the color of the poppy flower. So ... I want to write

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