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your true heart has no words

thats because it is complete and has no need for them

your true heart both gives and receives freely without expectation

and as such cannot be bound by language

it is you that needs to hear your true heart

and so you have both a body and a mind to interpret your heart

your body, mind and heart are all gifts from God

and so it is an error to identify yourself entirely as a heart

since it requires the mind to form the thought for the purpose of identification

as for your mind, it has a tendency to tyrannize that which it misidentifies

all the more so for misidentifying itself as a heart by choosing the heart over the mind

because the mind is being used to make the choice, this misidentification is inevitable

and constitutes a false dichotomy between the mind and the heart due to the rules that govern the mind

an example being found in the linguistic fallacy “the heart gives freely, expecting nothing”

to expect nothing is to anticipate a vacuum, a peculiar mental construct of the heart based in lack

leading to a illusory paradox between the lack of the mind and the completion of the heart

when it is the completion yet openness of your heart that is the true paradox

in how it fuels your mind’s need to close a circuit based in lack

while trying to understand a complete yet open circuit

this isn’t a choice so much as it is the direction of power

for all power comes from God

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