Healthy Garden Competition - ( The Prize Is 10 SBD ) - 10 Days - Day #1

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Healthy Garden Competition is for all users who like a healthy lifestyle. I have a garden that is organic, I enjoy the work that makes me healthy. You can compete with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, this is a place for lovers of a healthy life.

Winners of last competition:




You need to be my follower
Place personal photo in the comments space
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
Be part of Steem Schools Discord Channel
Photo must be original ( Must be a personal user garden photo - max three photos)
Awards relate only to this post
The competition lasts for 10 days
Only judges can vote : @dobartim ( Fro now I am the only judge of this competition, and I chose winners )

1st place: 5 SBD
2nd place: 3 SBD
3rd place : 2 SBD

Judges :
Only judges can vote: @dobartim


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See you on the top @dobartim
Welcome to bussiness channel dobartim

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hi @dobartime this hydroponic vegetable plant in the backyard of my house is planted in a hollowed pipe.


I'll definitely take part in this contest.
Thanks @dobartim


Excellent choice

  • @dobartim Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for organizing this beautiful contest about healthy living and healthy gardens, all the tickets are wonderful, with spectacular photos, nature is the best, fantastic, happy day.

  • @dobartim Felicidades a todos los ganadores y gracias por organizar este hermoso concurso sobre vida sana y jardines salugables, todas las entradas son maravillosas, con fotos espectaculares, la naturaleza es lo mjor, fastastico, feliz día.


We win together

I am in, will try to look for something to put in here :D


Yes of course


Congratulations to my co-winners and thanks to the organizer of this competition @dobartim.


Thank you


Here's my entry


Nice one

Nature is more than I enjoy. In particular, this brick wood captured from a busy mechanical life of a fictitious camera might have taken us some time to nature.


Welcome to Steem Schools

Thank you Sir for choosing me as a winner . Steem School Forever❤

And here is my entry for Healthy Garden Competition #1




Thank you Sir

My entry in the healthy garden contest.
Thanks @dobartim



Keep going

Hello @dobartim, here is my entry for this week's Healthy Garden Competition. This is known as Malabar spinach or alugbati in our place.




My entry in your garden competition dobartim.IMG_20180807_142615.jpg
The lemon tree, about 10 years old, late winter, plenty of fruit and new blossoms.![IMG_20180807_142725.jpg]
Rocket in flower.
Self sown parsley and apricot grown from the pit.

a cordial greeting to all the community and participants, especially to the creator of this @dobartim contest, I am going to show you three photos of my healthy garden, a photo of a plant of a fruit called milky, another photo of a plant called banana and the last one a picture of a plant called tomato; I have many more fruit and vegetable plants but this contest allows only three more ahead I will show you more of my healthy garden; In case you are interested to know I live in Venezuela, a tropical country where planting is very good for its climate and its very fertile land you only need water and sun.

Milky plant:

photo taken by @opiman

banana plant:

photo taken by @opiman

tomato plant:

photo taken by @opiman

great soon I will be participating with my entry, my garden of fruit trees.


Excellent choice