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These days, getting as healthy as possible is on my mind a lot. I am trying to incorporate small, daily changes to create healthy habits. Two things I would like to address is my chronic dehydration, and adrenal issues. In my quest to remedy these, I am turning to salt to help; specifically Sole Water!

This is all you need to start

Sole is a concentrated salt water brine you dilute with more water and drink. It is made with.....salt and water!! How will this help you?? I think a lot of us are chronically dehydrated. Read on my friends....

We use Pink Himilayan Salt or Celtic Grey Salt for everything. I am making my sole with Celtic Grey, simply because I have more of it than the Himalayan on hand. Why don't we use table salt? Because not all salt is created equal.

Pink Hinalayan Salt

Celtic salt is harvested off the northwest coast of France, and is gray in color. Pink Himalayan salt, is harvested from clay ponds in Pakistan salt mines about 300 kilometers from the Himalayas. Both contain 60 to 84 minerals and since they are unrefined, they do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, or any other additives. The unique properties of these salts nourish the body, replenish and balance minerals and electrolytes as well as supporting the adrenal glands.

Grey Celtic Salt

Table salt is the opposite of all this. It will make you thirsty and retain fluids. White table salt is horrible for us! It is so heavily processed that all of the essential nutrients are missing. While it still tastes like salt, the lack of minerals cause our bodies to continue searching...sending you salt craving signals. So, you eat salt, you crave more salt! There are also additives to prevent clumping. These additives will actually cause you to retain water but remain dehydrated! Think edema.

No pic of table salt because I have none!!!

Quick summary of why I need (and likely you too) need this in your life ~ Drinking sole water each morning can help balance your systemic pH and provide trace minerals. This in turn supports hydration, detoxification, hormone balance, muscle cramps, blood pressure, sleep patterns, energy levels, adrenal function and blood sugar! It also supports electrical and cell function. Do you suffer from gut problems? We need salt to make hydrochloric acid in our stomachs which stops the bad bacteria as well as making digestive enzymes. I am hoping mostly for hydration benefits. Chronic hydration leads to so many problems...a lot of which I currently deal with.

Ok, ok. How do you make it?? Easy peasy.
Fill a small glass jar about 1/4 of the way with Celtic or Himilayan salt.


Add filtered water to one inch to the top.

Stir well and seal (plastic lid and spoon, no metal!!) and let sit overnight in the fridge.


After 12 hrs, there should still be undissolved salt in the jar, this is how you know the water is fully saturated with salt. If you need, add more salt and wait a few more hours.

Right after mixing...you want to see some salt left

12 hours later. Salt is still there, we are good to go!

Each morning, add 1 teaspoon of sole, into some room temperature water. It will keep for months, you can keep adding to your jar with salt and water as needed.

Making sole water this morning. I can hardly taste any salt now!

You can see the difference in the 2 waters when you drop it in

Cheers to hydration!!

I am on my 6th day. My face is looking more hydrated I think? I am drinking more water and retaining it longer. I haven't had a headache since starting and I am hoping my joints feel better after a few weeks. How did I just find out about this?!? Sometimes health comes in the simplest forms....do you drink sole? I would love to hear your results:)

Thank you for reading! Take care of you and yours ❤


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This sounds very interesting. I have never heard of it. We will try it today. Thank you for sharing. I love learning natural ways to help our bodies.


I hadn't heard of it until recently either! I am glad you are trying it, I am noticing small results already:)
Have the best day <3

That looks great! I know in summer time I will peel and slice a lime a put HPsalt on it and eat it straight. Since I started that I have been able to stay hydrated on the hottest days. I look forward to hearing if your joints feel better also.


Oh that is such a good idea! I will try that, it probably tastes great I love lime:)
I will update on the joints!! <3


Oh yeah, i love it! It really helps if I am building or cutting firewood!

I was told by my grandma that it can cure constipation too!


Haha win, win all around then!!

I don't do the sole water, but i do put Himilayan pink salt in at least one glass of water a day. =)

This is great information though cause my wife does get dehydrated even though we drink plenty of water. This might be a huge benefit to her!!


Ooohhhh she should try it then! I am less than a week in but even my lips aren't as dry. It is worth a try!!

I actually have problems with dehydration sometimes. I am just too lazy to drink enough liquid. Might be worth giving it a go.


Same @janecito haha. Laziness here too. Let me know if you try it!

I know how himalayan pink and grey celtic salt are much tastier and nourishing, but I think they do not have Iodine. If you do not use table salt (which is sprayed with Iodine), how do you compensate for your Iodine intake? Just curious..
I use h. pink salt and table salt.