Have something refreshing for the new year

in healthy •  21 days ago

Do you feel the same way that sometimes your body just crave things. You can be eating the most “rich” foods yet still craving something, but the frustrating thing is you don’t know what you want!
Well, listen to your body! Even though you are eating all the high protein rich foods and eating none stop, your body is actually lack of the essentials! Do you crave fatty foods so you end up eating they entire bag of chips? Or wanting something sweet then the next thing you realize is half dozen of chocolate chips cookies are gone 😱 did you know by taking healthy fats from avocado, coconut oil, nuts ... your body will be overjoyed with the right fats to thrive that bacon and fires are the last thing on your mind!! It is so powerful what healthy Whole Foods can change your life!!!
I decided to eat clean for this year! Not because just to detox out the junk from the holidays but I wanted to grow mentally and spiritually healthier.
So if you are interest in this or want to be on this journey with me please follow me or leave a comment if you have any questions ! I haven’t been on here very much but I promise I will update more often from now on! I will be uploading my daily foods! Mostly will be healthy but once awhile we all deserve a treat!🤗
Looking forward to hear from everyone!!!

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✅ Enjoy the vote! For more amazing content, please follow @themadcurator!

This food looks GREAT! I'm looking forward to more posts from you @wonderwow!

Followed & Upvoted!

By the way! I've recently been told by @jozef230 about the #seefood challenge! It seems like a great idea and may even be something your interested in! Check it out if you have the chance to! :)


Oh wow Thank you so much for reposting and the support!! I will check out that hashtag!!

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Hello @wonderwow! I justiça l9ved tour post! Very interesting perspective on healthy eating! I personally have been listening some buzz around keto diet for some time. So I just started reading about it. And I find that your post relates to ao principals of the keto diet. A least they seem to complement each other. The choice for healthy faths, some good green vegies and a some portions of good quality protein sounda good! And delicious to!

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Hey @martusamak thank you for the comment! Yes I have been hearing a lot about that too! I even have some friends tried it! Personally I’m not big on carbs anyway! So ya my eating habit is very close to the idea of keto diet. Except I don’t know any extreme way of eating is a good in the overall health picture. It could be very hard on the liver too. Another concern is if such diet can be a long lasting life style. Most ppl just do for that period of time, but when they quit they easily regain the pounds they have shed during the diet. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, I don’t even count calories when I eat, I just want to have less processed foods, more colourful vegetables and fruits, wholesome foods, a balanced diet incorporated into my lifestyle! I think that could out last those extreme diets out there! :) but it will be cool if you would try the keto someday!And please let me all about it know if you do!!! 🙂

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