Explain to me as a grown adult, why I should have to play into any of it just to be heard. SPOILER ALERT: I dont have to.

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I'm working from home this morning. One of the perks I get working where I work. It's great. In my pajamas and logged on to two different machines.


One is my work station and the other device is personal.

And I am working. I'm doing everything I normally do at the office.

Checking email, catching up on all the messages in our companies communication tools from the rest of the company, and getting a feel for what my next assignments are.

I'm also catching up on Medium articles and wishing to high hell I could just be writing. Writing what I want. Writing what I need.

I spend a lot of my days at the office wishing I could flesh out article ideas, write epic rants about the government, corporations or my ex-spouse.

But I can't.

And to be honest with you, I really don't want to spend my time ranting. It might feel good, but it's not what I really want. I know I can grab a napkin or the back of some printed paper I'm no longer using and scribble away. Problem solved.

But none of it satisfied the need to be heard.

So I'm writing this. I'm writing this here on Steemit/Busy because I can't write this on Medium. Medium needs to be for polished works, well thought out pieces that teach, instruct and inspire.

Under my pen name here I can say pretty much what I want. (I think). Even then though, that isn't entirely true. It's the blockchain.

Everything I say, can and will be recorded pretty much forever and therefore has the potential to be held against and used against me in a court of law.

But hey -- no pressure...

But writing here? I'm not really "heard." Out of all of my followers, only 4-6 of you actually upvote or otherwise engage with what I write. Literally, a handful. (THANK YOU!)

It's very difficult to find really great content on this platform.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I cannot trust the search results anymore. I've still been testing that since I wrote it and I still come up with similar results periodically. It's not trustworthy.

When I'm on Medium, I literally find 6-10 new things I genuinely find interesting, right off the bat.

This morning, I actually forgot about Steemit/Busy. I didn't want to deal with the pain of scrolling through my feed to find something I really wanted to read. So I scrolled for a bit and then gave up. On Medium, I already have...13 separate tabs open so I can read, well thought out, well formatted (mostly) pieces on the topics I'm interested in: writing, court, law, advocacy.

There isn't anyone on Medium going: "Support the _________ by upvoting!!!" or "Join our Discord so you can be more involved and connect better!!!!"

On Medium, you get to connect and interact -- right there. It's easy.

  • I don't have to fight to find good content.

  • I don't have to fight for what I write to be heard or read (even if it is disliked).

  • I don't have to surf through the noise or the pleas of trying to join group after group after group in order to increase my "earnings" or win approval.

Lately, Steemit/Busy feels almost like I'm showing up to school every day and saying to my peers, "Please LIKE ME!!!!" and the platform is saying:


  • buy more Steem to be heard
  • not say anything to unknowingly piss anyone off or we might downvote you into oblivion
  • write well-thought out things and keep spending the time and energy to do so (and we might reward you).
  • Join our endless discord channels and be part of a better and more involved community.
  • Keep several tabs open with several different tools to find out what is going on with your account within the platform.
  • Churn out amazing material in what little time you have.

The underlying feeling of it all?

DANCE - Bitch. We might reward you and if we do, it will be crumbs of crumbs. But you're good with that right? Because Steemit/Busy is this amazing new platform and we are building something new and disrupting and something that will change the world forever!

I don't know about you -- but I know I'm not the family dog.

Explain to me why, as a grown adult--- I should have to play into these types of dynamics, in order to be heard and approved of within any given platform.

It's not fucking healthy.

Writing this out, just cements my resolve.

Excuse me while I get back to work in order to keep my bosses approval so I don't lose my job (which by the way, doesn't pay me in crumbs of crumbs).

Steemit needs to step up.

Image Source: Unsplash

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