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I see pretty consistently on my social media feed people constantly going on and on about "Healthcare." Not this one, steemit is great, FB is getting more retarded, and less tolerable by the minute.

●A nation that doesn't have universal health care is doomed to fail!

● Healthcare is a right! Everybody has a right to life!

●If it wasnt for Obamacare I'd be dead!

●You CANT LIVE without healthcare! What do you do when you get sick?!

Let's start with a couple of definitions.

: effort made to do something correctly, safely, or without causing damage
: things that are done to keep someone healthy, safe, etc.
: things that are done to keep something in good condition.

HEALTH\ˈhelth also ˈheltth
: the condition of being well or free from disease
: the overall condition of someone's body or mind
: the condition or state of something.

Now that we have the definitions of the words...

If there is anything at all that I've noticed about "universal healthcare" advocates that I personally know: It is that they generally dont care very much about their health.

I mean they say they do, but the evidence just isn't there.

Many exhibit at least one or several of the following.



●Consistent and heavy drinkers of alcohol/caffeine.

●Seldom, If ever prepare their own meals so they can actually know the ingredients.

●Regularly and consistently exercise? pfffft!

I could go on, but you see my point.

Around 70%-80% of all chronic illnesses are totally preventable

The fact is, they lack health, because they lack care.

●They dont want health care.

●They want sick care.

They want to act irresponsible. Jamming whatever crap food into their faces, sitting around living sedentary lives, abusing and punishing their bodies with partying, years or decades later when they realize they have wasted something they cannot recover, then pay somebody to "fix it."
Or more accurately have someone else pay to fix it.

People who conduct themselves as such should have "free healthcare" like somebody who drives a car like they stole it, without changing the oil, without doing any an maintenence or repairs on it, crashing it, then whining about how "expensive and out of reach a new car is for them" should have somebody hand them keys to a new ride.

It's not the easiest thing in the world to prepare most of your meals from scratch, quality food can be fairly

expensive, starting the day with pushups is slightly less attractive at times than starting it with a big breakfast and a cup of tea.

I'm not suggesting it's a cake walk. I'm saying it is absolutely imperative that one care about their health and show themselves a little less self loathing as one of the keys to a healthy life.

Don't expect to do a 180 all of a sudden and jump into new pants with both legs once. Do what you can do, and work on what you can't later. It's a process, and should be viewed as a lifestyle change.

The first step is caring enough about yourself to want good health. No articles, no exercise equipment, or diet plan will do anyone any good without the care and love of oneself.


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Excellent post! You're totally right about people who complain about this sort of thing often not caring for themselves in that much, by appearances anyways. I've never thought about that before.
Also, your header and the other picture match great with your article. :D

Subsidize my bad habits or you hate freedom!

Basically that...

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Great article and excellent points! Thanks for sharing, Man! :D
I especially appreciated the definitions!!

As do i! Putting the dictionary to good use!

That's right! :D

So good! You make excellent points.