All about pineapples

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Pineapple is known worldwide as one of the healthiest fruit. It has many health benefits.

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This is mainly because of it's contents.

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And also preferred by most due to it's juiciness and can be consumed in several different ways.

1. Eat it raw- sliced and chilled with a pinch of salt. ( I love it most that way).

2. Salad- Some prefers to place in with other vegetables or other fruits like mangoes in a salad.

3. Juice/ smoothies- Some can even put in in a juicer and drink it's juice. While others wants to make a smoothie out of it. That's what I just did.

4. Salsa- it can also be mixed with bell peppers, onions, garlic and the likes as a dip to chips as snacks.

5. Pizza topping- Hawaiian pizza is my favorite, due to the pineapple chunks sprinkles around it. Some people will disagree since they are not used to it. But I love it. You may want to try one.

6. Grilled- I just saw this somewhere that they grill pineapples. I would like to try one if there's a chance. It will be a new experience and hey, I might even like it.

7. Burgers and sandwiches- right, even in burgers. We have what you call an Aloha burger, it's a burger introduced by Jollibee, a famous fast food chain here in the Philippines.

"The burger is made up of a beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, honey mustard dressing, and a pineapple round sandwiched in between two buns. Fans of the burger say that it's the combination of sweet, sour, and beefy flavors that makes the Aloha burger amazing". As per rappler.

I did try it once but I did not like it, I'm okay with it on pizza but not on my burger. :)

8. Cooked dishes- another one I can think of is this is also used with some cooked dished. Like Menudo (A pork dish with sauce laced with pineapple bits.) Also some hams can be steemed with the pineapple.

So anyway I just had a pineapple smoothie let me show you how I did it, pretty simple actually.

I was checking inside our refrigerator for some snacks and stumbled upon this mouth watering fruit.

Sliced into several parts, is could be eaten as is or maybe I can run this into a juice. Luckily we were given a portable blender by my uncle. It's our first time to use it.

We washed the tumbler attached to the blender and put in the pineapple chunks, we tried putting all of them but ended up removing half so it will blend well.

It's time to shake, shake shake.

And we are done. You can add sugar if preferred and chill it, but if it's already naturally sweet you can consume it this way already. It's healthier.

So there you go, being healthy is not so difficult, thanks to these yummy fruits. Just keep in mind to consume everything and anything in moderation. Anything in excess is bad for you. :)

You can comment below if I missed anything about pineapples. :) Thanks for dropping by. :)

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This is what I need right now hihi. Thanks miss @ robiney for making this post.


Enjoy and be healthy @aalgenesis. :) Thanks also for the support. :)

It's a very good blog, full of valuable information.
I am a fan of pine apple since the beginning but now I will give more focus to it, thanks for sharing.


Thank you also for droppping by. Such a delicious yet nutritious fruit as well. 😊

Mix with almost any green veggie and not even notice! YUM!


Salads with fruits and veggies are yummy indeed. 😊

I love all of the ideas you've shared on this content @robiney! I couldn't agree more with the fact that being healthy is not difficult because foods that can give a great impact to our being is not as pricey or as complicated as others thought it is.

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Thank you so much po. Yes, being healthy sometimes costs less than our usual diet. It's nice to have such tasty yet nutritious food. Thank you once again for the support. Will support other featured authors as well. 😊💜

My salad would not be complete without pineapple in it. It's tastier and sweet.


I agree. It's sweeter that way. 😊

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Good for you and so incredibly delicious! Got some growing in my yard!


wow, are you selling them or only for your own consumption? How nice it is to get it straight from your yard and it's still fresh. :)


We grow many things here. We eat ant then share for free with the neighbor’s and those in need!


Thanks for being so generous and helpful to those who needs it. Hope I'm your neighbor. Haha. Fruits are so expensive in the city.