[Victim of Vaccine] How the vaccine killed my son.

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"vaccine has changed my life. It stopped my beautiful days, it has turned my smile into a darkness life ... I became just a body that can't stand or walk and can't lift the blanket on my face or even ask for a piece of candy from my dad, but this vaccine did not let me lose my own hope….. It won’t prevent a smile to my mother's face in order to make her happy... I will keep my dream alive... I will not die before I live “
I think my son wanted to say this, but death preceded him and ended his life...

Every time I write here about my experience in the hope that my message will reach someone or some family to save what can be saved from the danger of the vaccine that has literally destroyed my life... I've been through three years (2016-2019) full of sadness and hurting its effect is still today, and the thing that more hurts me is I was part of my son's suffering because I allowed them to vaccine hem ...
whatever I try, I can't describe to you the reprimand I feel when I remember that everything that happened to my son was because of my stupidity and confidence in the health system...

2/09/2014 My son (Yacoub Mussab) was born.
Everyone was happy with him and everyone loved him because he looked so handsome and so smart...
He was a source of happiness at home because of his movements and screams that were filling the house with vitality, everyone likes to play with him, and some love makes him cry ..


The Nightmare begins when he had 16 months old. After normal psychomotor development, my son started walking on his tiptoes followed by walking loss. This condition lasted one month and one week, then these symptoms disappeared and he returned to normal and he became walking and speaking naturally.

April 2017: when he had two years and seven months, the same symptoms reappeared. Namely, a muscular weakness of the two inferior limbs, associated with an abnormal movement of those four limbs and also in the level of the face. then a total paralysis. This lasted for two months

Then the symptoms disappeared again, and my son returned to normal. The doctors could not find out why this happened to him and thought he was exposed to an inflammation of the brain.

June 2018: The same symptoms emerged again, but this time they were more aggravated.
My son experienced deficits in the inferior limbs with dystonia, abnormal movements. His eyes also stopped movement, and then he went into total paralysis. He is unable to stand or walk and cannot speak. He just looks by his eyes. You feel he wants to smile, but he can not.

Everything changed in our life..., especially for my wife... We were living a very sad life... A life close to death... Days like water. No taste no smell

Doctors said The diagnosis of ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) is the most probable cause, but they are not sure. They do not know how to treat him, or at least make him walk again.

When I searched on the internet about this disease. the result was shocking for me... A very serious disease be due to the vaccines. I made sure of this when I checked the health file of my son and found that he was exposed to this disease less than a month after the vaccine was taken...

I was ignoring all the voices asking us to protect our children from vaccines, I was listening to our governments and doctors. Because they tell us that the vaccine saved a lot of children. But they didn't tell us that the vaccine destroys the life of many families and makes their lives hell like what happened with me. They didn't tell us that most of the diseases disappeared because of the cleanliness of and food. They didn't tell us that many children were paralyzed or autistic by vaccines. They didn't tell us vaccination was a very big business to raise billions of dollars with kill thousands of kids around the world. They just tell us that vaccines were compulsory as if they were more afraid about our children than we are.
I admit I was stupid and believed their lies ...

September 2019 It got worse and he had trouble breathing and eating, and I had to have an MRI again, which was too expensive for me, but I was able to raise money and do another MRI.

This picture was on the subway as we went to the MRI clinic.

And that was after the MRI was finished, and he is still the effect of anesthesia.

Then I had to take him back to the hospital because his condition was very serious.

A week before he died, he couldn't breathe, and he should have been helped by an oxygen device.

Three days before he died, he couldn't eat, and that's what made doctors put a tube from his nose to his stomach.

The day before he died, he was transferred to the emergency services because his condition became worse.

On the morning of October 13, 2019, I was sitting on the bed with him. and seeing how he fights against death alone.
I couldn't do anything for him... I was holding his little hand and trying to get him to know that his father was still here with you but he can't do anything for you.
I saw in his beautiful eyes like he says "goodbye papa".
I have felt him saying, "Dad, don't cry."

I hope my message reaches you.
Please don't kill your children. I don't want any family to live the same life I've lived. Your sons are the most precious thing to you

CCC/My journey with vaccine suffering ... How vaccine killed my son

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